I am living my dream

Dream, Success, VisualizeToday I just want to share a very personal experience about a dream come true. I hope that you don’t mind that I do. Otherwise, stop reading right here!

My Dream

I have been working on a project now for over two years, a project that nobody believed that I would be able to pull off. Especially since it was new to my country AND since it wouldn’t bring me any money, I would not make an income from it. The thing is, I just knew that I had to do it. It felt right in my heart. Do you ever have that feeling? You just know that you have to do a certain thing?

When I started this project, I didn’t know how I would do it successfully, to make it real, I had to take small steps towards the end goal that I had in my head. I had to practice my patience to maximum limits and sometimes it felt like I was standing completely still. Not going anywhere. I probably weren’t either (and that was ok too at times). It was sometimes a struggle and I doubted many times myself that I would pull this off. But I also had people coming my way at the perfect time when I needed them the most. People that I needed to get this to success. People that made me believe in my idea and supported me so that I would go on. BUT, I also worked with the goal set in my heart, believing, that some day, this would be true and happening.

I worked very hard with visualizing a picture in my head that it would happen, when the time is right. Maybe not when I wanted it to happen. I worked on having that feeling, when I was standing there, successful with the end-result happening, happy as anything, smiling like crazy, having a feeling of completion and complete satisfaction. I will get back to this in a minute.

The Project

Let me tell you about the project. The whole idea with the project is to help children increase their self-esteem. Something that I think should be obvious weather you have an illness or not, and everyone, even children should be able to contribute to that if they care to. Our children are the next generation, many of us tend to forget that, and they are going to impact our world, as we know it today. We want to teach them to become compassionate, that we help one another and that we don’t just look at to do it in our backyard. We are responsible for what kind of world we live in and want kind of world we want to live in.

Ok, sorry, got off track there for a minute. The whole idea with the project is that children share something that they have, that other children don’t, and that they are willing to give that up because they want to help another child. By giving up something voluntarily to make another persons life better and easier to live, you increase your self-esteem by feeling that you can do something for somebody else.

By being able to contribute, you feel valuable at the same time as you give value, a win-win situation. By receiving something that helps you feeling well, increases your chances of accepting the hard time that you are struggling with a medical illness or just been given the possibility to feel a little normal. What the children give is their hair. What the children receive are wigs.

My project is now a success. It has formed to a charity organization and it is increasing by the day, and becoming reality. Each day, is a step closer to my goal. Each day, I thank my inner guide that I continued to listen and not give up. Every day, I feel that this is unreal.


My project gives me energy

“Ok”, you say, but you aren’t getting any money, how do you survive? Well, I do this charity work on the side and I work with multiple income streams so that I can continue to realize my dream.  Yes, it takes money from me, but mostly, it gives me back great energy! Energy, that I can’t explain, that gives me more satisfaction my in heart and soul than any money in the world can give me. I have a feeling of success, a feeling of completion and a feeling of “I told you so” (especially to those that didn’t believe in my “project” and me).


So why do I tell you all this?

Well it is because this feeling inside is fantastic; anyone should be able to experience it. Every one! You can!

Have you ever heard that inner voice in your head telling you that you need to do a certain thing; it could be all from starting your own business to climb the mountains in Nepal? You just know that one day you have to do it, that life is more to it than the 9-5 rat race. Nothing is going to stop you getting there. Have you ever had that feeling?

This feeling, for me, is hard to describe with words, but I hope that you know where I am coming from and what I am trying to say.


Visualize yourself to success

So, what I want to say with all this is, imagine yourself having that feeling of when you have succeeded with what you aimed to do and are following that inner voice in your head. Imagine your feelings, the people around you, what your senses are picking up on in forms of what you smell, hear and taste (maybe champagne). Who are you celebrating your success with? How are you celebrating it? Visualize it, that you already are there! Use your imagination as much as you can, nothing is wrong. Then use this visualization as often as you can. Daily, if possible! If you want to take it further, create a vision board that you can see every day to remind yourself of where you are aiming to go.

Reaching your goals, as I did with this “project”, the charity organization, it is a difficult task to describe how you feel. But it is just great. The charity organization that I now work for has now been in magazines, the evening press and it continues to go viral on social media and is increasing by the day. It is a wonderful feeling; I just wish every body could experience this feeling at least once in his or her lifetime.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my dream come true and how I got there. My final words are: don’t ever give up your dream, no matter what others say around you.


All the best,
Carina Asp


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