Are you ready to survive the digital economy?

Just the other day I was reading the news saying that between the years 2010 and 2020

many positions have become obsolete due to fast-changing technology or high competition.” (Source: Business Insider)

Most of the 30 identified positions in the article are projected to decrease due to the fast-changing technology and mostly require a bachelor degree or a diploma – years of education. By 2020 only eleven of the 30 new jobs created will require a bachelor’s degree.

Also, four of the the top five fastest growing jobs require less than a high school degree.”

The next generation might get a job that doesn’t exist yet!

Technology is fast changing our society and the way we look at positions in a workplace. 2020 is only four years away! Interestingly, though, among positions that are increasing are Market research analysts and marketing specialists projected to increase by 41,2% by 2020 and the number of jobs added in this field is estimated to be 116.6k. Are your prepared? Will you adapt to the changing workplace? Are you one of those people that listen to projections and wonder if they are right or are you a person taking action to be in the forefront when change is evident? I know that I am doing what I can, since I have children, I know I have to adapt to be the best parent that I can be to help support my children’s upbringing. It is my duty as a parent and a fellow man.

Your Business. Your Success.

In my line of work as a marketer, I find it important to help individuals and businesses to succeed online, to keep up with the constantly changing environment in terms of digital marketing – Marketing Online. This is one of the areas where you and your business can get a competitive advantage and still remain in the game as time goes by.

Traditional marketing has changed, just like any other profession, and is forced to adapt to the technical environment. Our businesses now operate around the whole world, not only in our close vicinity. The traditional marketing is not only old-fashioned in some ways, it is also expensive and not so effective. Focus has changed. Our customers do over 60% of their research online before making a purchasing decision. Do you think that it is important to have a good sales process online?

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Remember, it is Your Business. Your Success.

All the best,

Carina Asp | Marketing Coach
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