Finding Your Target  Market

Jay Kubassek and Stuart RossToday I started to redo my plan for 2015, when suddenly it hit me. It became clear who I want to work with, what I want my customers to look like and what qualities they should have. What I was doing was to think long and hard about what kind of people I want to work with and wrote it all down.

I looked at what kind of traits a person would have that I enjoy being around. For example I enjoy the company of happy, joyful, relaxed, creative and innovative people. People that has a purpose and a goal – and want to get there at almost any cost. I love being around people that are social, daring to go outside their own comfort zone and believe in themselves and their own capacity.

Where are they?

Then I started to look for similarities to different groups of people in the workplace to see where these kind of qualities would fit in I found them everywhere but not all where working with their own business. I found that they where not clustered together, neither would they stand out from the crowd, but they where there and you could see that they almost had an “hidden agenda” if they worked within a big company. I found them working for big companies at the same time as I found the among new starters, 1-2 persons small firms, in all ages, in all kind of industries. People that were passionate about something. I also found a lot of people that want something else out of life, not working for a big company and want to decide their own working hours, but didn’t dare to go outside their comfort zone.

I had found what I was looking for – entrepreneurs! Many entrepreneurs that do work for a big company has a side business, that they dream to get going so that they can leave their 9-5 day job and completely focus on their dream. A few of them keep this dream as a dream and treat it like a hobby. Like Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross says, “if you treat your business as a hobby, it stays as a hobby and you get paid as if it is a hobby, i.e. nothing”. And sadly enough it stays as a hobby forever. Other, entrepreneurs that want their dream so badly, go out to hunt results. These are the people that I want to help expand their business.

Is there an entrepreneur inside of You?

Here is my list that I think is significant for an entrepreneur.


  • Work in their own way
  • work very hard and often long hours
  • are Innovative
  • often work towards a higher purpose
  • know to ask for help and gladly receive it
  • are not afraid to delegate task - “no man is an island” kind of way
  • know the value of personal development and want to reach their full potential
  • are creative
  • always find a solution
  • wee possibilities and opportunities rather than obstacles
  • find resources
  • are eager to learn
  • are driven by passion for what they do
  • keep focus on their goal and are looking for results
  • are resourceful
  • are driven to what they do rather than the money
  • usually make an impact on society
  • inspire other people – they help people around the to grow without even knowing it. They often has such great energy that it is contagious
  • don’t take NO for an answer – “there has to be a way”
  • believes in their idea
  • dare to be different
  • go outside their own comfort zone

Do you recognize one or some or all these traits? Then I believe that there is an entrepreneur inside of you that screams to get out. Are you going to do anything about it?

I think that it is important to pursue your dream. You only live once (as we know it) and if you want to live here and now comfortably, you should strive towards being content, happy and pleased with what you do. There is no later. Only here and now. It would be very sad if we one day look back at our life and say, “-I wish I pursued my dream”. If all these other people can do it – you can too! Be the entrepreneur that you have inside.

Dare a little – live your dream!

All the best,

Carina Asp
Any Solution Possible