What do you do when your plans are crushed?

Do you give up or do you re-group and arrange for plan B? Take new actions?

It is so easy to get yourself down and think: -“my opportunity is gone” or -“my ideas are taken, now I have to find another dream or different path to something else, what shall that be?” And then, totally give up on your dream or idea. This is, really, the most common thing people do, Give up! Isn’t that a bit sad? You totally give up on the belief of yourself and the most horrifying, your dream, because you saw that someone else beat you to it.

But if you think about it.

Is the opportunity, idea, dream or solution really gone? Do you know for sure that this person has the same intentions as yourself? Does it matter that someone has started your idea, dream or solution before you? Is it critical to be first? Can they deliver the same service/product or offer the way you can? With your passion, your energy, your way of delivering, same value and of course with same ethics and morals in doing business as you? I truly believe NOT. Really!

Remember, when working with Marketing, you are often full of ideas and creativity for your projects and ideas. There are of course certain marketing strategies that are to be followed and a lot of marketers are doing the same task over and over again. It can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. BUT, remember, no one can do anything the exact same way. Your way is unique for you and the way you do it.

I’m gonna stand outside

The other day, I missed an opportunity that meant a great deal for me. I was really upset and very sad.
It got me thinking, I reflected upon the fact that I nearly let these emotions destroy my whole day. Letting these emotions just take over and not being able to take actions. I don’t know why I started to reflect on these emotions. All of a sudden I realized that I, and only I, could change the way I looked at this missed opportunity. I could choose how to react to this situation, these feelings and choose to take action. Suddenly, I had decided to turn this in to new opportunities. It was like somebody had kicked me in the back to get going forward.

I found myself all of a sudden sitting and making plans for future options and opportunities that had rose with this set back I didn’t count on could come my way. My mood changed and I was feeling much more eager than before to fulfill my dream and take the necessary actions. It was like I was on fire. No time to loose. Nothing can stop me. My dream WILL COME TRUE. Just in a different way that I anticipated.

Remember, your dreams will come true, just that sometimes it is not the way we thought it would be.

All the best,

Carina Asp
Marketing Coach

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