The last two videos of FAQs video series with Six Figure Mentors co-founder Stuart Ross

Unleash your digital entrepreneur MarketingAsp Carina AspWhen talking about the set up of The Six Figure Mentors as an online business, it is important to know that this varies from individual to individual. Getting set up can be as low as two week. But it is important to remember that it is a learning process and that you have access to much education to take you further into generate money with skills that are developed with a network of coaches and a great community that support you.


Stuart Ross says “-If you treat your business as a hobby, you are going to get “hobby results” – hobbies doesn’t generate money!”

Stuart Ross also talks about the importance of how much time you are putting into the business. You need both time and money, this is a serious business and not a internet scam that promises false promises of generating money without hard work. This is not a network marketing business. This is very much education in online business and how to generate an income from the digital gold rush that takes you into the new way of marketing and creating a reach that is beyond your own countries boundaries, if you want.

So enjoy the last to videos and maybe you have learnt something new along the way. Maybe you have started to see things differently or you have just got to know Stuart Ross a little more.


In this video Stuart Ross answers how long it will take to get set up?


Stuart Ross discusses how much time you need to spend on the business?


I hope that you have enjoyed this week’s theme of getting to know about The Six Figure Mentors and Stuart Ross a bit more.

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