Use your time wisely! www.carinaasp.seDo you have time to sell?

If you would be able to sell time – you would probably be the richest person on earth! Don’t you think? Everybody lack time at some time in their life.

How valuable is time to you?

You know that time is the one thing that everyone has equal of and yet we all complain of not having enough of it. Isn’t it about time that we use our time wisely at that moment? Some speaker I listened to a while ago said that in a lifetime, if you live until you are 80 years of age, you have lived 30 000 days! So depending how old you are today, how many days do you have left to live? When you look it like that and start to count your days, it sort of becomes like a wakeup call, at least it was for me.

WHAT?!! All of a sudden, I don’t have all that time that I thought I did to pursue my dream, my goals and my mission. It then becomes very obvious that I have to take action to get going, don’t you think? I need to start to use my time wisely. Do I really have time to watch that TV-show that I am not really interested in? Or, can I really say, “later dear” to my children when they ask me something? I would say No. I need to value time for what it is and start to spend it very wisely.

The time is NOW.

When you think about it, the time is NOW. We live in the now, not in the past and not in the future. So spending the time of now is as important as now, and now. We can do plans and we can look at times that we might not spent time as sufficient has we would have liked to.I also believe in planning and trying to make the best of the hours that I do have.

How do you plan your time? Do you always feel stressed about not getting enough time? Do you segment your time during the day? Do you make sure that you are doing the most urgent tasks first? I try to plan my time, do my best to stay in the now and be active in the now. It is a challenge, because it is just so easy to plan in the future and look forward to that without enjoying the now.

Prepare4More – Use your time wisely!

A wise and successful business man, Peter C Remington, once told me about his morning routines and that he wouldn’t let anything make him change his routine. It was just too much of value to him to be able to focus on his life and success. He went up early in the morning to have enough time to for example exercise, reflect, read and plan his day. It was extraordinary to hear how he implemented this into his daily routine, leaving him calm and assertive about the success in his life.

If you are interested to know more, Peter C Remington runs a business called Prepare4More where actually talks about purpose (just like I have discussed in another blogpost – read it here). But what I want you to look for is his book, Be-Aholic: A 14-Step Process to Becoming a Success-Aholic:

I think, that if you could sell time, it would be the most valuable asset that you can sell since everyone don’t have enough time at one time or another. But if you use your time wisely you will be prepared for more and enjoy a successful life with anything that you challenge yourself with.

Use your time wisely!

All the best,

Carina Asp
Marketing Coach

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