Very important issue to me

photo-montageI know that I am a person that is very open in my communication and I have definitely “walked on mines” and got my honest communication “blown up in my face”. But in the end I think I have grown as a person, more than I probably would have done other wise. I have also learnt that it is more beneficial for both parties to be honest, clear and constructive in your communication, both in competence, personal growth and relationships. When you are honest and communicate constructively you allow space to build trust and relationships.

How we communicate about others in social media

The other day I just watch a Facebook-post in a group that grew a discussion to an enormous proportion on just a negative post. The person was not satisfied with the outcome between people in a business relationship. I was stunned. A lot of people put comment after comment, taking side with the person that actually wrote the initial post. Many was telling the person how good that person was and how good the situation was handled with a “positive mindset” and “what goes around comes around” and so on. Nobody said, “confront the person and tell the person how you feel”. The truth is that the person (that the post was about) might not realize what he/she had done and might need a heads-up for what he/she was doing and how it is apprehended by others. Who knows, he/she might not be aware of what his/her action was affecting relationships with others.

I believe that the correct thing to do in this situation was to ask the person if you can be honest with an opinion or feeling that you have and be open up for  communication, not to go to Facebook and express his/her feelings there, spreading the negativity even further. It is not going to solve anything, it is only you, yourself, who is suffering, feeling down, not the other person who is unaware of the situation. I wonder, how would you deal with this kind of situation? Would you be honest? Would you dare to tell the truth about your feelings?

I believe that you always should try to strive towards being honest, clear and constructive in you communication – both in relationships with family as well as in business relationships. I know this is a highly personal opinion post today but I just want to lift this up and remind you that we do not read each others thoughts, it might be better to have an open communication to avoid misunderstandings. We are the world – let us make this a better place!

All the best,

Carina Asp
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