Thoughts can take you on long unexpected journeys

Thoughts can infect your life or take you to new heights

Have you ever noticed how much thoughts are a part of your everyday life? Have you also noticed that there are many thoughts that you choose to follow along and others that just pass you by? All of our thoughts are not important to us. Others are more important. How do you  select which ones to follow and which ones you don’t? Does it have to do with experiences in the past or self-limitations or even how we are brought up? I don’t know, but I believe that it is important that we choose what we think and actively choose thoughts that helps us to success so that we can help others. Your thoughts impact your life! You choose. And only You.

Our perceptions of the world are inside the head (thoughts)

We can make our thoughts as real as if you are experiencing it here and now, wether it is in the future or the past. If we add all of our senses too, we make believe that it is our reality, even if it is in the past or the future. Have you thought about the impact they have on you when you think less of yourself, how your life start to turn downwards? Have you noticed the feelings that it brings with it? Have you noticed that it makes you believe that this is the case? Here is my tip on what to do when that “little devil” on your shoulder is starting to chat to you on your shoulder – start to think about the things you do well. What you are great at. Start to feel grateful for that you can choose your thoughts and choose to put them aside or follow along – that it is your choice. Notice also how your feelings changes, your belief in yourself and most of all, how people around you start to look at you differently. Who do you want to be around, a negative person that constantly put himself down or a positive person? It is your choice, I know my answer, do you? This is taking you closer to your goal to reach success.

Thoughts impact your path to create your success

Here is what Dennis Westerberg has to say about thoughts:

We live in a world of thoughts.
The only way to experience the world,
is to think about it.
Nothing else than our thoughts, exist for us.
Nothing else. Ever.
The world is as it is.
However, it is not the world we experience when we think about it.
Never ever.
Only our own thinking.
Nothing but thoughts.
We live in a world of thoughts.

It is like three versions in your life and the power of now

One version is living here and now and choosing your thoughts, another version is to live in the past and just that, the past. The third version is living in the future, the future that hasn’t happened yet. You are “painting pictures” of the future reality happening in your head – which only as real as your current thoughts. If you are the later kind of person, always living in the future and “painting pictures” of the expected future, you could disappoint yourself if doesn’t turn out as you expected it to be, but most of all you are missing the power of now. Which is the reality, your life.

I used to be a pro in living only in the future, what got me thinking was when I got kids, then I had to be present and I started to enjoy the power of now. They are such great inspiration to live in the now.

So, your success depends on your thoughts and which ones you choose to follow along.

Think of all the best,

Carina Asp
Marketing Coach

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