Create value to your surrounding – turn fear and anxiety into productivity!

Field of dreamsOne of the people that has made an major impact into my entrepreneurial life is the Online Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Digital Expert Academy, Jay Kubassek. He has a lot of experience and has educated many, many entrepreneurs throughout the world in Digital Marketing and mind set. He not only run the Digital Expert Academy, he is a professional speaker, internet entrepreneur, producer and author, among many other projects, he lives what he says. He lives his dream, life on his terms.

Jay Kubassek often talk about your already existing potential, that you already have the 99% to make you a successful entrepreneur, the remaining 1% can easily be taught through different strategies that allows yourself to reach your goal without fear and anxiety of failure. Very interesting ideas, don’t you think?

The other day, I stumbled upon a podcast of his that talk about how you can create value to your surroundings and turn fear and anxiety into productivity. He talks about how you as an entrepreneur can protect your dream and how to become more productive so that you reach your end destination – your dream. Today, I just want to share his podcast to you.

“Your dream is your passion, and you need to protect it. Leave the naysayers to bother somebody else and project their fear and anxiety somewhere else. Be ruthless in protecting your dream, and carve everything else out of your life that doesn’t support it. That’s how you stay in your place of productivity and get the most done.” -Jay Kubassek


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I hope that you enjoyed the podcast and that you can practice these techniques in your life.

All the best,

Carina Asp

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