“Take radical responsibility for your life!” 

Take radical responsibility!

These exact words were said by a truly inspirational man called John Jackson aka JJ at a #wakeupcall that I participated in last week. It is an understatement to say that this man is inspiring, he takes you on a personal journey in your own self even if hundreds of other people are participating and listening to the same webinar. This man, makes you think!

Last week JJ focused on the subject of taking ”radical responsibility” and he angled every bit an piece about taking responsibility. Taking responsibility for being where you are and where you want to go, what goals you have and what action you are taking to reach them. Being and becoming a leader for yourself and others.

By not taking responsibility for your own actions you always pay a price for blaming others for you not taking action. Not taking responsibility can sometimes be less painful but you spend more time in the ”knowing zone” and you will spend a lot more time in your comfort zone giving yourself a hard time to grow with achievement and knowing that you have accomplished something you thought were impossible. Do you think that you will reach your goals then? Do you think that you will grow you ambitions, achievements and relationships that way?

What we need to do is to take responsibility.

We need to spend more time in the unknown zone and feeling uncomfortable, this is the only way we grow to our full potential that we all have within us. We need to choose our own freedom.  

The benefits of taking responsibility are amazing:

  • You increase your self-esteem
  • You gain control of what happens
  • Taking actions comes natural when you are ready to take responsibility for your life.

But beware, don’t get stuck too long in thinking and analyzing everything too much, by doing that, you become proactive and don’t take any action. 

We all have a choice

Think about it, your choices have taken you to where you are now. Your choices. Nobody else’s. What if you did decide to take radical responsibility for your actions? What would your life look like then? What can you start with today that would change your life for the long term?

What in your life in the past until now have you not taken radical responsibility for?

You always have a choice to see things differently. Could you take away something that would give you time for taking actions closer to your goals? 

There is one person, Aron Ralston, that really took radical responsibility for his life, he wrote the book “127 Hours Between a Rock and a Hard Place” which he also made a film about. Aron Ralston, the mountain climber tells you about his true story when he saves himself after a fallen boulder crashes on his arm and traps him in an isolated canyon in Utah.

He really had to take radical responsibility in his life. You and I might never have to take a standpoint and make a similar decision in a situation like his. We hopefully will never have to go to that extreme. But we can change our life with our own decisions instead of pushing them forward. It is your choice and mine.

 Read Aron Ralston’s book and tell me what you think about it…

Here is a trailer if you want to look at it.

But if you prefer to read the book “127 Hours Between a Rock and a Hard Place” you can find it here.

Remember: ”Freedom is the will to be responsible to ourselves.”

All the best now and in the future,
Carina Asp

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