Have a chit-chat with yourself

Evaluate YourselfWhen You are self-employed you need to perform your own Performance Evaluation. Having a chit-chat with yourself to truly evaluate your performance. Yes, you might think but how do I do that?

The other day I was reading a Swedish blog, Lisa Nielsen, where she write about Dr Phil and how identify and handle your inner voices that are in your head constantly pushing and saying things about yourself. These inner voices can destroy your self-esteem, your actions, your way of looking at yourself and how you perform. They can be so terrible that they make you do nothing and you achieve nothing. Lisa Nielsen continues in the blog about practical examples of how you do exercises that Dr Phil recommends. One exercise involved to identify your inner voices every second hour, look at them and listen to what they had said during the last two hours and write it down.

Reflection is necessary

I think that this is a great way of getting to know yourself and gives you a possibility to gain more confidence in yourself and the ability to grow to what you want to become. By reflecting on your inner voice, you can be more aware of what you want to say to yourself without judging oneself, and to keep being objective. You know the first person to judge you, is yourself. That better stop, right? There are many among us that are really scared of what other people would think of you, that is very common. But if you can accept yourself and stop to judge yourself, you won’t worry about what others think of you. What are you going to do about your judgement of yourself?

So back to the performance evaluation. Look at what you have done during a set time, be concise, constructive and as honest as you can. Write it down. Then leave it for a day, pick it up and re-read what you just written. Look at what you did well and what you could improve. Set measurement for the next coming set time frame and create goals. If it is a long-term goal, remember to make time for follow-ups and if it is shorter goals, write down what you are going to do and what task and when you are to do them. Remember, this is later your evaluation of your own work. Reflection is very important.

Give yourself your own advise

Have you ever though about the advice you give to others, could be as good for yourself? Have you ever asked yourself for your own advice? I mean most times we are quick to give advise and recommendations that are much of value by people around us. If yo can ever give good advise to others, why not ask yourself first? Think of your questions as if you were to giving advise to a business partner, family member or very dear friend. What would your answer be then? You would give them the best recommendation that you could come up with, right? Try it, what have you got to loose?

So back to what I was saying earlier, start to listen to what your inner voice is saying, start to be aware, aware of your potential. You can not change anything if you aren’t aware of what you want to change.

Never stop believing in yourself – remember you do your thing best, no one can do it in your way, because it is you.

All the best,

Carina Asp
Any Solution Possible