Passion comes from the heart!

Passion comes from your heart, this is true!

Today I had the opportunity to listen to a true social entrepreneur that choose to make a difference in the world, Leo Razzak. I can only say, WOW. WOW!

I attended an event organized by My News Desk called “My News Day”. It is an event where a lot of entrepreneurs, business people, communicators, marketers and many more share information, best practice and successes within PR, marketing and communication. A true inspiration for everyone working in this field. It is, to say the least, an inspiring day where you pick up a lot of passion, interest, information, how-to’s, knowledge, sharing, storytelling and much much more from interesting speakers.

Leo Razzak and key take aways

After a few presentations, which of course also was very interesting, Leo Razzak, a 28-year old entered the stage. Owned the room with a presence of being in the Now and a passion that was contagious. He was the only one not to use power points and at the most, most communicative person of the whole day, authentic, raw and TRUE. He has not lived a long life just yet, but he has managed to find out so much truth and values that he lives by. He chose to share his life, his story, about him and what he has achieved. What he has learnt and experiences. I will not tell you all about it. I will only try give you the key points which he shared with us.

“If I don’t know who I am, how shall I then know where to go?”

He spoke about the importance of having a mix of people in life. A mix of different people and how important it is to have an open mind and the attitude of excitement to learn about new people and cultures. If we do not have a mixture, we do not develop and can not see the variety and opportunity that lies is in front of us.

Storytelling moves people

He realized at a young age that he could tell his story, “storytelling” and make a living out of it and touch many people’s life. People are interested in hearing his story. And he noticed how important it is to think of “How you say what you say“. With an open mind he has managed to do a lot of things in life that he could not dream of that he would do. He talks how important the personal meeting is and what value that gives to the personal brand. It is important to change environment and learn new rules if you want to grow and develop as a person.

What I also took away from his talk was that it is really important to have a decided heart about a passion that is to benefit for others. You choose in what mood you want to start your day, how you will act during the day, and what feeling you will project on others. His choice is to make other people happy. What is your choice?

People are people

Leo Razzak is also a true believer in that people have the solution to their own problems within. If you never fail, how will you ever learn and develop? He continued to talk about people. People want to feel a belonging. A part of something. Together we can make a whole difference in the world. But he also say that people need to learn how to lead themselves first and then others, and I am the first to agree with him.

He finishes off with the true line – do something – as many think that you only can do a small thing or difference – choose to do that!

Live with passion in your heart – it is in your heart that you find it!

All the best,

Carina Asp
Marketing Coach

2 thoughts on “Passion comes from the heart!”

  1. Loved this post Carina. Thank you for sharing. There is so much to learn from others when we meet with open minds. I love it!

    1. Thank You Kathleen. I think it is really important to have this in your life. We should really practice it more often.

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