“Only dead fish follow the stream..”

Are you a dead or alive fish?

“Only the dead fish follow the stream”, these words was written and sung by a Swedish artist Louise Hoffsten, and it so so true.

All to many people are following the stream without trusting their own innerĂ‚ ingenious wisdom. They rather adapt than question what is right or wrong. Especially trends are getting these kind of followers. So WHY?

According to psychiatrist, many people fear more to speak in public than to die. This fear is believed to be caused by fear of feeling or being excluded, to stand out from the crowd, to be criticized, ridiculed and out frozen. The fear to be different hinders many people to seek new ways to solve their problems. When trying to successfully start a business or any other endeavor that is different from the crowd or standard you often meet comments such as -“Be careful.” This is a normal reaction from our close ones or people that don’t often try to expand their own horizon. They are scared for your sake, because they would never do what you do. They don’t have the same beliefs as you do and do not see their own full potential. They are often those kind of people that need to take a closer look at themselves in the mirror to create contact with their inner wisdom instead of living their life based on their fears. These people are also normally the ones to set trends, as they don’t want to be different from any other one, they follow the crowd.

What can you do to avoid this and get these people on your side?

  • Be informative – communicate your goal – long term and short term,
  • Take responsibility for your failures,
  • Be unique and believe in You,
  • Invest in yourself,
  • Explain your vision and what you are working towards,
  • Communicate that you expect ups and downs like life itself,
  • Set achievable goals that you can show that are reachable and realistic,
  • Tell them that you expect their support in this matter, and
  • Show the advantages when you reach your goal.

You need to see and have contact with your inner wisdom

According to Jay Kubassek, co-founder of The Six Figure Mentors and the Digital Expert Academy, we already have 99% of being an entrepreneur inside of us, we only need that last 1%. I believe that fear is that one percentage that hinders us to fully be what we want to become. That little 1% has grabbed such a hold around us, that sometimes we can not break out from that firm grip. That one percent, can be overcome by different personal reasons, some people need a push and hear from others that they are unique and that somebody believes in them (this was me), others need a mentor, others have networks or communities, and some are just born with the natural state of being a person that want to explore everything! What do you believe? Which kind of person are you?

Make sure that you are clear on your goals and where you want to go. Dare to be different. Be an alive fish – not a dead one!

Carina Asp
Any Solution Possible

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