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Jay Kubbasek and Stuart Ross Momentum Day #6We have now followed Stuart Ross how he has now talked about online marketing and FAQs about online marketing and The Six Figure Mentors. The video series has two days left and we have nearly completed these FAQs.

If you have thought about if this is something for you, maybe these FAQs can help answering your questions. If you follow through educational purposes, I am glad that you stand by and learn.


A shift is happening from Traditional Marketing to Online Marketing – learn more from Stuart Ross

I believe that Online Marketing is the new shift to marketing and eventually we all have to learn these skills. If we do not practice them, we need to learn about them and benefit from the digital economy and how it will shift our view on the way we do marketing from traditional to a new measured worldwide marketing. We do not only market to our backyard or our country of residence, we have the opportunity to reach millions of people around the world.

Do I need any previous experience to start with Online Marketing?


 Do I need to do any personal selling?


 Do you do live events?

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