Networking gives you success and is powerful

Meeting wonderful people can change your turn of direction, make sure you are networking.

Meeting wonderful people can change your life. Have you ever experienced that you connect with someone instantly?
The other day I was attending a course that I travelled a long way to attend. I hadn’t even been there for a minute when I met a wonderful woman. I don’t know why or how it happened, but all of a sudden we talked about life changing decisions that had made an impact on us forever and attitude that will help you improve your life. Five minutes had not even gone and here I was, talking to a perfect stranger about decisions that has changed my way of thinking about life. Amazing.

This woman was older than me, but we found out that we lived in the same city, in the same part of the country and had the same way of thinking. Both of us are entrepreneurs. We also started to talk about networks and communities; How important it is to meet people in real life and not only in forums over the web. We spoke about the importance and benefits of helping each other instead of just looking after your “own house” so to speak. We had so much to talk about and we had so many values that we shared, that I know that we can move mountains if we started to work together. I was amazed. This woman truly is amazing. We decided to meet again.

I find that it isn’t that often that you meet these kind of people. They do not “grow on trees” so to say. It was overwhelming and at the same time it made me so happy to see that these people do exist.

Networking in real life to reach success

Let me get back to the issue of the importance of meeting/networking in real life.
When you are striving towards a goal and you do not have any person/people around you that understand and/or support what you are trying to achieve, it can be unnecessary hard work. A lot of work! It can drain your energy and get you off track, and have you move away from fulfilling your dream. You need someone to juggle ideas with, you need support, and you need people around you that has succeeded with what you are trying to achieve before you, in order to reach your own success. Through networking you meet people that has learnt the process that you are going through and inspire you to move closer towards your goal and/or dream. People that are willing to share their experience and success to help you. These people you find in communities, networks and forums. Seek them out.

Social media and and successful networking

Of course, social media has given us many possibilities to connect with different people and networks all around the world. Networking is powerful. Truly powerful. To meet in person, we meet up anywhere in the world, through webinars, go-to-meeting, chat apps etc. You now have the possibilities that weren’t thought of ten years ago. You can easily connect with someone on Skype after having met someone in a social forum in social media. This is all good, being able to meet with people that are likeminded will help you grow, give you that special energy that you need some times to get yourself inspired to move forward, closer to your success.

By joining communities and networking, you not only grow yourself, you help others grow as well through sharing your own experiences. You are not lonely and you get a feeling of belonging as we humans need to feel.

Help people around you, and you will reach success

The people that share their experience or journey to success in networks help you grow, and by sharing their knowledge they are helping others which for example could be you. This way, it is only natural for you to then help someone else and “paying it forward” to someone that are in those shoes that you ones where in. A natural network are conformed.

Networking Basics:
8 Tips to Networking Without Being Fake by Marie Forleo

I am a part of a wonderful community that do networking in real life every now and then, all around the world. This is a network for entrepreneurs that are on a mission to live their dream. This community, The Six Figure Mentors, is international and a sharing community that help other members to grow, both personally and in business. If you want to know more about it, click on the image below.

I find it great that we are able to help each other to success, what are your thoughts, are you networking?

All the best,

Carina Asp
Marketing Coach

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