Modern marketing praise giving value!

Modern marketing is all about giving value

It is time to start to think about marketing as giving value. Yes, that sounds a bit odd doesn’t it? I am sure that you have heard about content marketing and that “Content is King.” It is, but only when done right. I have been writing earlier about this subject in my blog, but then talked about “Content is Queen, relationships are King”. It is still as important with relationships but delivering content that is relevant to the customer is crucial and a start to growing a trustworthy, long-term relationship.

Different sales cycle today than yesterday

Today, you can start to look at yourself, we seek information about a product or service on the internet before making a purchase. We do much more research on the web today rather than going to a store and trusting a salesman’s expertise about the product or service. We trust our own research more and have gone that far that we actually compare information about a product or service already on the web. We trust our own judgement and can even pin-point where and when we want to purchase a product or service. This put a lot of pressure on us marketers. We need to re-think what kind of information our audience need and what we are presenting to help our customers/potential customer in their purchase decision. We need to give our audience the “key” to their purchase decision that helps them increase their knowledge about what they are looking for in terms of product or service – the “key” to information.

Clearly state the value for your customer

We need to clearly state the value for the customer, best practices, how the audience can use the product or service to their advantage and if we can give more than one option and at the same time show different ways of usage that other customers experienced with the product or service. We need to present information where the customer is looking for it and available at places where the audience is looking.

Deliver content that is valuable

So what I am trying to say, make sure that you deliver content that is of value for your audience. Wether it is on your website, emails, newsletters or in direct marketing. Be sure to educate your audience that you want to attract. When the audience know where to find information, they will come back for more information, build a base with knowledge about your products or service, reference to the information provided and eventually spread the knowledge with word-of-mouth, the most powerful way of successful marketing. When you provide information you start to build a relationship of trust. Accurate information delivered where your audience is looking for it, is the most powerful way of giving value to your customer or potential customers.

I hope that this is valuable information for you and can help you prosper within your business.

All the best,

Carina Asp
Marketing Coach

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