Where are you going and do you want to get there? What is Your Mission? www.carinaasp.seWhere are you going and do you want to get there? What is Your Mission?

“Where are you going and do you want to get there?” is the title of a book that I recently read by the Swedish author Christer Olsson. The book is about personal development and this question is connected with family, business and your own personal health.

When I read this title, it got me thinking. Do we ever stop to see if we are going where we want to go in life or mission? Or, do we only follow along as life happens? Do we need a purpose and a mission in life to be happy?

I think this question is very relevant since many of us regret when we are older what we didn’t do or achieve when we had the chance. Is that what we want in the end?

Is this question important for our happiness and success in life? Do we need a purpose or a mission? Have you identified yours? Are you then measuring the steps on how you are living your mission on regular basis?

Business + Mission + Passion = Success

I believe that if you can combine your business and your mission in life I believe in success. Because if you are passionate about your mission, you become passionate about your business and your passion then becomes contagious. It is so much easier to talk and take action when you are living your mission with your purpose in life.

What do You want out of your life?

Many people do not stop to think of what they want out of life. They follow the society’s set of standards and rules and get formed and shaped according to expectations by society. Many people “wake up” too late and are missing life itself and what they thought it could be. But many people also put the victim suite on and say that others can achieve something and not themselves. Not realizing their own magnificent potential. The potential we all have within us.

How can I find my purpose or mission?

A very simple exercise is to stop and think about what you are passionate about – they are often things that get you to loose track of time – what would that be?

A lot of people don’t realize that if they do what the are passionate about, they will succeed when taking action. But that is usually where it stops. A lot of people do not take action to get to where they want to be. Yes, you could say lazy. But if you want to have a purpose in life, you need to take action, daily action.

Passion + Daily Action results in a Purposeful life.

It can be quit difficult to believe in yourself and step outside your comfort zone to start something that you are passionate about. My mentor Jay Kubassek talks about the X, Y and Z Factor and how everyone has their full potential within, they just have to bring it out, to action. Below you can find a video from Jay Kubassek that explains Successful Living.

Another place you can find inspiration from Jay Kubassek is from his #aWakeUpcall. A podcast that is for people that are ready to begin to realize a life they really want to live. Tens of of thousands of inspired and motivated entrepreneurs, business owner, and professionals tune into this podcast every week to get inspired. Find your mission and your potential with Jay, click here to learn about Jay Kubassek’s #aWakeUpcall

Success starts with You taking action to reach your mission every day!

Are you ready to begin your life mission or are you content with life as it is today?

I hope that you have got value out of this blogpost, please share your own experience in the the comment box below

All the best,
Carina Asp

Marketing Coach
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