How much should my marketing budget be?

Your marketing budget should be as much creative as you are

If you think about the marketing videos that are most successful, it isn’t the videos with the huge marketing budget. It is usually the videos that are most raw, uncut and realistic in every day life. For example, clever marketing videos are viral in social media because we recognize ourselves in it and because we can relate to the message. We, me and you are the ones that share the videos in social media and make them popular and share them in the many the different social media channels. They do not need a huge marketing budget. These clever marketers that can relate to their audience need on their level. They know what their benefits are and can target their audience raw and real.

The Dollar Shave Club

For example, the video the “ – Our Blades Are F***ing Great” only had a marketing budget around 4 000 USD for their video. Not like other big corporations that spend thousands and thousands of money from their marketing budget to create a commercial. Look at the video below to judge yourself, are they better or worse than any other video commercial? It is quite fun to know that they grew their company from practically nothing in a very short time very fast through smart marketing via social media. They knew the channels to spread their word. It is not about the money it is about how you use social media.

Know how to use different social media channels

A smart marketer is not dependent on their marketing budget, of course money always help, but a smart marketers does something unique, raw and uncut. They know how to use the different channels in social media to get their message across to their target audience so that they can relate to their product or service. A marketing budget is all up to how creative you can be, and what you dare to share in social media. Be smart and invest in your knowledge in the different channels of social media.

Remember, the marketing techniques that are taught today are from the 50´s and 60´s. Did they have social media then? We both know that they didn’t. Therefore, we may well conclude that the marketing techniques/theories from then are a bit ancient and that we need to look at new marketing techniques and look at our marketing budget in a very different way. Marketing is changing as we are changing the marketing environment. We need to know how to reach our target audience in a different way and know as much as we can about our audience.

Your target audience is all around you

Marketing of today is not about money, it is how you decide to use the many channels of Social Media. By doing your research on getting to know your target audience, you can decide on your marketing budget.

Your Marketing Budget Isn’t More Expensive Than How Creative You Are.

All the best,

Carina Asp
Marketing Coach

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