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MarketingThis blog is about helping each other grow, planting a seed to your future marketing success, with tools, tips and tricks to achieve correct marketing strategies, planning and presence for you. The blog will discuss topics about marketing and the many ways of marketing, Any Solution Possible.

I have found that there are many smaller companies or entrepreneurs, that really can develop their business through increased marketing. Therefore, I decided to start this blog.

Education is Money, Money is Knowledge.

Of course I will include a lot of different aspects of marketing and ways to do marketing. I will try to provide you as much value as I can and I hope that the below described topics can tickle your curiosity and teach you ways that you haven’t thought of, both online and offline.

Possible selection of topics include:

  • Tips and Tricks
  • Marketing Activities
  • Online Marketing
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Strategies
  • Lead Generation
  • Your Brand
  • Branding
  • Blogs
  • Marketing Topics
  • Best Practice

More about MarketingAsp

“MarketingAsp” is me, Carina Asp. “Marketing” is my profession, my education and my lifestyle. “Asp” is my surname and in my lifestyle Any Solution Possible. I believe that there is always a solution to any given problem or obstacle.

All the best,

Carina Asp
Your Marketing Entrepreneur at
MarketingAsp, Any Solution Possible.