Are you stressed about where to do your marketing?

canoeToday I realized that stress is a major issue in our society, workplace and private life. It is so easy to get hooked up with your phone, computer, laptop or any other online “toy” that you forget to look around you. You are alway “hooked up” and accessible. Start to prioritize your work and keep focus – keep calm and keep marketing.

As a marketer, you have many options on where to start marketing, you have so many different platforms and places, and ways to market in Social media, that you probably could spend all day just adding your advertisements all around the globe. When I was young, you played on the arena close to you, internet didn’t exist and just by the thought of doing advertising in another city would’ve given you the fringe. The world was much smaller then, the reach for marketing was more narrow and the expense on advertisements was very different from today. You had less options to do advertising at and it was not considered as spam at that time. It was something you looked at, something of value, you embraced it into being a part of your life. I would say that you where more of a “brand-nerd” following brands and trends and bought whatever the ad was about. I remember when people started to “scream” about adding ads on TV. People thought that this was crazy, now these days, if you don’t have ads on the TV-channels, the TV-channel will struggle for financing that channel. Things has changed!

We are playing on the global arena

Today, we are playing on the global arena with marketing, weather we want it or not. The speed is massive, and you can reach people in different countries in matter of seconds. You have now to adapt your communication to the global platforms, your communication can no longer be much of local language, especially if it is a global company running ads. We have to communicate through many different social media platforms, and we need to give much more educational content to be successful in our marketing. We need to know more about our potential customers, our current customers and future customers. We need to know where they are, what they are looking for, how they access their information, and most of all we need to know their buyers cycle/behavior from start of searching a product/service to the actual purchase decision.  They are much more educated today in what they are looking for and are doing much more research on the web on their own before they actually make a purchase. Which put pressure on you as a seller. We need to be able to provide value and accessible information that they initially are looking for. Deliver value, good value!

Stop and focus

After knowing all of this, and seeing valuable facts and statistics we know that the arena is big. But we also know that a fair share of the social media is looking to educate themselves. You need to focus on money producing activities for your business, and you need to be authentic. No one can do the same thing you do as you. You are unique and you bring value that people relate to because you are you. That means, that you can do your marketing your way, there are several people out there that want to know more about you, your product or service, as long as you are authentic. You can take advantage of Attraction Marketing and use that as a marketing strategy.

It is easy to get stressed about where to do marketing. Do you your research and stick to your nieche. Focus on one thing, maybe two, and get really good at that. Be where your audience is, your target market according to your goals, products and/or service.

  • Plan your day,
  • Plan your week

before the week start and each day before you read your emails and open up your computer.

Set goals and priorities and “row the boat to shore” and make sure that it is tied tightly, until next week, when you will evaluate last week, set new goals and priorities and start over again. Be effective, do not do two things at once, keep focus.

To avoid stress you can do at least 10 things each day. See video below.


So Guys, Keep Calm And Keep Marketing!

All the best,

Carina Asp
Any Solution Possible