I Can’t Do That, Can I?

Can I or can I not?

“Everyone is good at a lot of things, but me.”
“I am only average. I could never succeed in converting an idea into a business.”

How many times have you had those kinds of thoughts in your head?
Or. Do you know somebody that has those very thoughts? I bet you know at least one. Maybe even one, plus yourself.

Ponder upon this…

What if, there is a chance that you can do whatever you want! Succeed with an idea and start a business! What if your idea could become reality and you could become successful with it? Earn cash. Earn freedom. Work with something that you are passionate about, and work with what actually gives you value.

Many people want to make their dream a reality but are often put down by Themselves!
Resulting in – not even giving themselves a chance to succeed.

Nobody does it better.

Stop for a minute. Think about what you just read for a moment.

What if, every person in the world would think this way? Where would we be then?

What if, everyone would question themselves when they have an idea that they really want to implement if they really could pull that off? Would we then be in the world we live in today? Would technology move as fast as it does? Would there be such a massive increase of entrepreneurs, increasing every day?

The simple answer is: No.

What would happen if you would change your thoughts in your head to…

What if…
… Could I pull this off?
… nobody else can implement this better than me?
… it doesn’t become realized because I didn’t take action?
… people connect with me and the way I do things?
… I really could become successful?

Do you think that you taking action would change your current situation?
The simple answer to that, I believe, is: Yes.

I am here to tell you that you can! “-You can!”

The world doesn’t need more nay-sayers.

The world needs brave, entrepreneurial people that dare to be different, that dare to stand out and be themselves.
Make their ideas and dreams reality.
The world needs people to take action.
Make a difference. And the only person to be you the best is YOU!

Do you know how many great ideas there are out there, that never is put into action? Ideas that are wasted. Cash that is wasted. Ideas that could help the world become a better place. Why do think that is?

What often stops us is fear

Scary, isn’t it?

Fear is just fantasies in your own head taking over the control of your body and actions. Fear is creative and innovative thoughts that make you believe that they will happen in real life. But if you stop and look at them truthfully you don’t know or even have a clue if it really will happen. Use this creativity and innovative way of think to your advantage instead.

The powerful thing is, you steer your thoughts, you decided what to think and you choose what thoughts you allow to become powerful. You let your thoughts take over and hinder yourself from having your ideas become reality. There are numerous of books about this topic in libraries and bookstores.

Ok, some of us also think of what others will think of us. That is true.
But isn’t that fear as well? Fear of not fitting in. Fear of being different.

Do you believe in yourself?

I have witnessed so many people that have stopped pursuing their dreams or ideas because their spouse or family members didn’t believe in what they want to pursue or in them as a person.

People have told me that, -“You really are wasting your time and money. That will never work.” That is so sad.

How could they ever know the outcome?
How would they know how passionate you will work towards your goal? Have they tried?
Have they ever had an idea that has burnt so badly inside that they just know that they just have to do it?
I mean, really felt it?

The thing is, often they haven’t! So how can they be allowed to give you advice?

Pull your reasoning together.

Should you listen to inexperienced people around you, people that themselves, are talking out of fear of starting new things?

  • Instead, shall we not start to listen to people that actually has succeeded and start to learn from them?
  • How they made it?
  • How they became successful?
  • How they pursued in good times and in bad?

Isn’t it an obligation, to ourselves, to start doing research on what we can do to make our idea or dream come true? Wouldn’t you agree?

“-But I am no entrepreneur!”

I get that you think like that for now, BUT, what if you are?

Convert ideas into a business!

Look into the possibility of actually succeeding.
Look at the possibility to implement your idea.

  • What do you need?
  • What do you need to do?
  • What do you need to know?
  • Who can help you?

Stop being scared of failure and fear. How many times do you think that successful people have failed? I can tell you that they have failed over and over again. Many times. The secret is to pursue. Do something that you are passionate about and knowing WHY you are doing what you are doing.

The solution

Here are some tips on what you need to do to start implementing the idea of realizing an idea or even a dream:

  • Find like minded people that inspire you.
  • Network with entrepreneurs.
  • Mastermind with people that has achieved what you want to achieve.
  • Get a mentor.
  • Read books.
  • Ask for help.
  • Research.
  • Dare to be different.
  • Dare to fail.
  • Don’t fear your surroundings. Even if it means that you have to “stick your nose out”.
  • Believe in your own capacity.
  • Find a business partner.

I believe that You are the marketing and to be able to succeed you need to think about how you think and look at success and failure. Everyone, that is willing to pursue their dream, will succeed. Marketing starts with You and Ends with You!

To start to follow a dream or an idea that you want to put into reality isn’t that hard, it is often the surroundings that make it difficult to realize.

I wish you all the best,
Carina Asp
Marketing Coach

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