Happiness creates productivity and success

Happiness creates success

This weekend I learned about Shawn Achor at GoodThink and his research that he has done about happiness, productivity and success at Harvard University. Studies show that happy people are way more productive than unhappy people. I thought this was very interesting and exciting and really wanted to share this with you. This is a new perspective, that teaches us how to generate more success and become more productive through being happy.

We have all felt unhappy and stressed at work, haven’t you? What if we could create a surrounding that made us happy at work at all times? There has been numerous of brakes at work when you are happy talking to somebody and laughing with someone when your colleagues or even your boss has given you the “evil eye”, showing disapproval. What if that person knew what the result happiness creates. Do you think that person would re-consider his way of looking at you then?

Shawn Achor mean that we have a choice to be and happy, we can even fool our own body to happiness and create dopamin that will trigger our brain to feel happy. This would create more productivity and we will get more successful. Great ideas and studies, don’t you think?

As you probably know, entrepreneurs cannot afford to be lazy or fearful. They need to stay in a productive zone longer, but how do they do that? The secret of productivity is protecting your happiness at all costs.

Listen to Shawn Achor: The Happy Secret To Better Work

If you are curious to know if this really works, try these few exercises for 21 days, then evaluate and see if it worked. I will!


  1. Send one e-mail with appreciation to a different person each day
  2. Practice gratefulness each day – Write down 3 things each day, for 21 days
  3. Look for Humor – find youtube clip that are funny and look at them (not only will you laugh, you will live longer according to studies)
  4. Smile – this triggers dopamin to your brain and you can even fake it till you make it with a pen in you mouth that will trigger your mouth to a smile.
  5. Smiling is contagious, smile to everyone and receive a smile back. It will make you feel great
  6. Switch the state of mind of your brain by making Acts of kindness and Choose Happiness

Another thing you can do is to write down what are you grateful for every day. Make a list. Try to find new things every day. There is plenty to be grateful for….

Best of luck and all the best,

Carina Asp
Marketing Coach

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