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Five Winning Tips For Writing Press Releases

The other day I was at an interesting workshop held by a former journalist. She was such a great person and I learnt so much. Today she is not working as a journalist, but she has been working with communication for over 15 years. Today she is doing workshops at companies to help them write effective and correct press releases so that they get published. It was such an eye-opener and I learnt so much. I thought that I would share these tips with you in this post.

She spoke about different angles on a press release, both from the company’s point of view, the journalist and the reader. It is very common that press releases are written in an “internal language” so that only people within the business or industry understands the article. Think about it – How on earth is any journalist going to choose that press release if he/she doesn’t understand what it is about?

How To Tickle The Curiosity Of A Journalist

When journalists are looking for press releases to publish they need, first of all, to understand what the article is about. Then they start to look for certain stuff in the article. The article should catch the reader right away, should highlight the most important, be easy to read, not have too much information, written in short sentences, personal and short. Use everyday language, not difficult and too formal. Most of all, they need pictures! Always always pictures, this could be the deciding decision to getting published.

They also look to see if these three criteria is met:

  1. What does the reader know?
  2. What does the reader need to know?
  3. What does a few readers need know?

The Five Winning Tips

Most importantly they have Five winning criteria that you as a writer need to adapt to in your article. The article should include the following:

  1. Real people
    1. You should have people in you article
    2. What does it mean and to who?
    3. Give a perspective of a “outside in” feeling from for example a company
    4. Emotions are more important than fact
  2. Conflicts
    1. They love to have “David vs Goliath” scenario
  3. Drama
    1. Negativity always beat the positive
  4. Surprising element
    1. Divergent and different
  5. Affect a lot of people

I hope that you find value in these few tips about writing press releases. I wish you all the best with your writing and I hope to see your article in the press soon.

All the best,

Carina Asp
Marketing Coach

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