The future and the past is only happening in your head – in your thoughts!

The future and the past is only happening in your head – when you think!

Have you ever thought about how your thoughts affect how you are feeling? What you are thinking is deciding your state of mind. We experience situations on how we allow ourselves to think and according to the thoughts we decide to give more attention to at that very moment. Come to think about that, every person perceive headlines differently. We choose to act upon them differently and it is all originating in our head. Some people believe that we handle same situations according to different circumstances and perceptions.

Our experiences of the world are inside the head (thoughts)

Thoughts come from our inner dialogs. Inner pictures are created by thoughts. We can make our thoughts as real as concrete and all what that mean in terms of thickness, hardness and solidness. They can be as real as we experience them in real life in our thoughts. But our thoughts are the ones creating the pictures that we imagine and we might build walls that are higher, thicker and more solid around us from what they really are when we really experience the reality since it was made up in our mind and imagination.

 Let our past stay in the past and the future stay in the future

As mentioned earlier, thoughts are only pictures made up from our thoughts. Thoughts are the ones that take us back to the past and in to the future. For example we cannot change what has happened in the past, but we can let the past stay in the past if we choose to. We have the opportunity to choose our thoughts and not re-live in the past if we don’t like to. The best with the past is that it is in the past – you can only access it through your thoughts.

The future we only speculate and imagine what it will be like. We do not know what it will be like, but we are very good at thinking about it and painting a picture in our mind of how it would or could be. You can only imagine the future, and yet, it is still not the future, it is happening in your mind.

What really exists is “now” for us people.
The future do not exist, it is only the “now” that exists, one after another.

The future and the past are only happening in your head – when you think!The world is created from the inside out. It seems real but it isn’t. Thoughts are created and disappear without us doing anything about it until we give them our attention. Our focus is determines everything. What version of reality are you living in now?

“Happiness is about noticing healthy thoughts.”
Today’s blog post was inspired by Dennis Westerberg at

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Carina Asp
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