Have Faith In Your Success

Have Faith In You!

Today I just want to remind you to have faith in yourself and your business. It might not take as fast as you like to build a business. But persist and have faith in yourself and your dream, and you have two ingredients that will bring you to success both in life and at work. Don’t ever stop to believe in yourself. BUT remember that you need to make room for it in your life. Don’t be filled with issues that aren’t of your concern and that only steel your time and energy.

The Secret of Success

I came across this story the other day on the web and I thought that it was so inspirational, clear and concise in the messaging about The Secret of Success that I wanted to share it with you. It is a Zen story about The Secret of Success.

Here is the story – The Secret of Success:

There once lived a Zen Master who, one day, wanted to teach the secret of success to his students. He asked them, “Do you know how to be successful in work and life?” They replied, “No sir, we don’t know. But what we know is that to be successful is difficult.” He said, “So today we are going to learn the method to be successful in work and life.” All of the students looked excited and asked him, “What is it? Teach us it, Master?” He said to them, “It is a technique. All you have to do is just swing your hands to and fro three hundred times a day. Can you do that?” They said to him full of doubt, “That is easy. But why do we have to do that? And what for, Master?” He reassured them, saying, “That is the secret of success. As a result of doing this, all of you will be successful in work and life.” They were excited about the prospect of this and asked him, “Wow! That sounds easy, Master. But for how long do we have to do that?” He answered, “For one year. Can you all do that?” They replied, “Yes sir, absolutely we can. That is easy.”

When one week passed and then the Master checked whether his students were swinging their hands. All of them said, “Yes, Master. We are still doing it now.” He said to them, “Good! All of you will be successful in work and life.” A month passed by and again he checked his students’ practice. He found out that half of them had stopped. Two months passed by, he again checked his students’ practice, asking them, “How many of you are still doing this easy task of swinging hands?” Everyone was quiet, except one student who broke the silence, answering, “Yes, Master. I am still doing it.” He was proud of the student and said, “Well done! You will be successful in work and life in the here and now and in the future.”

He explained to the rest of the students, “You see! You all said swinging hands is easy. But now all of you have stopped doing this easy task. Think about it. How can any of you be successful in work and life? Even this easy job you have stopped.” They all quietly thought it over and seemed to accept the Master’s explanation. The moral of the story is that to be successful in work and life, we need constant intention, dedication, effort, patience and practice. Otherwise we will end up with failure like the students in the story. It is true that people like to say, “Well! That is easy work. I will complete this and that.” But after not so long, they just stop doing it. We can see it is easy just to say something. Doing is something else.
(source: The Secret to Success)

The story shows us that the secret of success is the need for constant intention, dedication, effort, patience and practice. Qualities that aren’t just one task. Think how you can be consistent and persist with your every day actions, weather they are easy to do, repetitive, boring, big or small -your persistence will make you successful in work and in life.

Have faith in – YOU

Have faith and learn from greater people around you that has made the journey before you. Have faith in yourself and believe that if they can be successful, you can too. Believe it, feel it and live it.

I would love to hear what your secret to success is. Would you mind commenting below on how you keep faith in you and your dream?

All the best,

Carina Asp
Marketing Coach

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