As an entrepreneur, how do you find inspiration and motivation?

Find inspiration and motivation every day

When growing your entrepreneurial mind set it can be difficult to find sources to get inspiration and motivation to stay focused and goal oriented. It is often the case that you are alone in your way of thinking or unique with your idea so that others don’t get what you are trying to achieve. I know, I have been there. Therefore, I want to give you a few tips on what you can do.

What I do to get inspiration

Various sources on the web can give me all kind of inspiration and motivation. But it is important to remember that it is the people behind these sources that make the source to be great. They are sharing their knowledge and experience and helping others to grow. It is equally important to have a network and/or a community to participate in. You need the human interaction to become successful. Therefore, I will recommend you some of those as well.

Podcasts, a great and easy access to inspiration

I listen very often to podcasts, and one of the ones I follow is Entrepreneurs on Fire. This is a podcast where they chat with other entrepreneurs. You can also get ideas and tips on how to start your own podcasts. You find this podcast either on Itunes if you have a iphone or Stitcher if you have an Android. The page you can find here

Magazines to expand your knowledge

Other places I look for information, inspiration and motivation is this website which actively debate all angles from an entrepreneurial mind.

Another online magazine I can recommend for various reading is:

Network, grow your network

As you already know, social media is a perfect place to network, build relationships and grow your own business network. You can learn about any topic and find groups and forums for almost anything.

Blogs give you the opportunity to follow the latest trends

I follow a lot of blogs and I thought that I share two of them with you: (which also has a podcast)

I hope that you find inspiration and motivation from these tips today and that you will prosper from reading them.

All the best,
Carina Asp
Marketing Coach

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