Dare To Win – Dare To Lose

A “No” May Later Become A “Yes”

Remember when people say no, they are not saying “no” to you, they are saying “no” to your offer – so be yourself. The timing might not be great at that one time. You have nothing to loose. A “no” right at that moment, can change to a “yes” another day or even tomorrow. Building relationships and communicating with your customers and potential customers helps them find you and your offer when it is a time that is more suitable for them to make a purchase or when they actively are looking for your offer. If you don’t build relationships you might even loose future business. You want your product/offer to be remembered, but the truth is that it is often not the offer the product or offer that is remembered, it is you, and the way you have presented the product/offer. That means you are your brand. The sale is done easily when they know you, like you and trust you.

Your Brand Is – You

By being you, you communicate honesty, truthfulness and genuinely, these are qualities that almost all people are looking for when doing business. When being you, it is easy for you to keep yourself on track and knowing what is right or wrong for you and your business. You attract people that want to make business with you. People that admire and trust you are more likely to come back. Your brand is – you. That means that you attract customers. Therefore, it is important to not limit yourself or restrict your full potential. Try to see yourself the way your friends are see you. Is it any difference from how you looked at yourself from the beginning?

Fear Is Restricting You

Have you ever thought that fear is restricting you to your full potential? We need to become more of ourselves. If your customers buy your products, do you know why? Is it because of you or your offer? The optimal sell is to attract customers to your business so that you can deliver value, develop trust and build long term relationships. Regular communication with your customers, delivering value, will help you gain your customers trust and they are more likely to buy from you again. Build trust and deliver value, be yourself, no one else can do it better!

  • Give yourself credit
  • Think of yourself “I am so good, and I am valuable”
  • Pep talk yourself and genuinely help others to succeed.
  • Love yourself – you are worth it!

Did you know that there are six sources to feeling and spread love – eliminating fear affecting you and people around you. Everyday in your everyday life, you can make a difference for someone else just by:

  • actively listen to a person when they speak
  • to see a person and confirm his/her presence
  • touch one another – human contact (i.e. hugs, handshake etc)
  • give feedback and feedforward
  • Support each others dreams
  • keep promises and agreements

To succeed in business, dare to win, dare to lose. Be yourself and attract customers.

All the best,

Carina Asp
Marketing Coach

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