Content Marketing isn’t that new, is it?

Content Marketing Carina AspIf you think about it, we have always shared information, already from when we start telling stories. We can memorize a story that was told to us, we can tell a story that was shared among friends and we can tell our own story to others. We share content. It has been shown that successful content marketing is when we tell a story. This is something that companies are picking up. Can you as a customer relate to the story, it becomes a part of our every day life and even better, we start to share it. Tell a story that deliver something that you can relate to emotionally i e Content Marketing!

Relevant Content Marketing

Today we share everything, even information that nobody wants. The phenomenon “selfie” is something that is spread widely all around the world, but it is not really relevant at all time. We share posts in social media that are very boring so to speak, we know what our friends eat for dinner, what new shoes they have bought, that they are at hospital etc etc. Information that are not crucial to know. We need to be relevant if we are to spread something useful. What does people want to read, listen to and see? Find that out and you can market with relevant Content Marketing. It is important to know, that what you do in social media is the brand you. And one can ask oneself, who own the brand You? Is it really you? Some argue that it is your audience. We need to be present at all times. If you are speaking infront of an audience, you are not only talking to that audience any more like before, now you know you for example have bloggers and people active on twitter that are spreading your word with tweets, pictures and quotes. Did you know that 30% of active tweeters want an answer within an hour? Content marketing need to be relevant.

Go Big. Think Small. 

If we can be first out with a message we become unique, we are running the arena and getting the message through. If we then also are triggered by emotional selling points, we can succeed with Content Marketing like never before.One example of going big but thinking small is this commercial from Duracell. It has a very powerful message that most of us can relate to. I think you know what I mean…

Keep your content marketing simple and relevant to your audience. In Your marketing Go BIG and Think small.

All the best,

Carina Asp

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