Change is not always bad!

What can you do today, that will give you a better tomorrow?

This is a question we all should ask ourselves each morning. This is, the one question, that has been in my head since the beginning of this year.

Have you ever thought, -”is this it? Going back and forth to work? Coming home, making food, doing the ordinary stuff as cleaning, homework with kids, preparing for the next day etc etc. Only to find yourself on the couch an hour before bedtime completely exhausted?

Well, I have. It has occupied my thoughts for some time and one day (in december 2018) I decided, NO! No more!

NO, this is not how I want to live my life. NO, this way of living is NOT for me. I am not living to my fullest potential, I am not the mother or wife I can be, I am not contributing to the world this way, there must be more to this in life and I am going to find it! I wasn’t showing up, for me.

I am sure that I am far from alone in thinking this way. I am sure that there are many more out there that has the very same thoughts, and others that haven’t even reflected upon this at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mother and wife, and I love my family, my house and all that comes with it. But something was missing. I realized that the only person that can make a change, if I’m not satisfied or content, is me. Only me! And it has to come from me, wanting to change and do the work.

So I decided, it is time to do something about it. The question, “What can I do today, that will give me a better tomorrow?” made a lot more sense now to ask myself. I needed change. I was longing for change. And I needed to allow change to happen in my life.

I realized that I would need help on this new selected path so I decided to hire a coach. Helping me to stay focused. I also came to the conclusion, that if I am allowing change to enter my life, I needed to change my attitude, my way of showing up in the world and different routines. This was a turning point for me. After having read a lot and being in contact with people that has made changes in their life I decided to change my routines.

I have now, with a few hiccups due to sickness, practiced different routines for (soon) three months. They have made an impact on me already and I want to share these with you. They are as these:

  • I am following a morning routine (meditation, reading, setting intentions for the day)
  • I exercise 5 times a week
  • I make an effort to make a difference for someone in the world
  • I set intentions for every new task I do before I start doing it
  • I journal every night to reflect on my day, and
  • I meet with my coach every second week.

Some days, it is really hard to follow these, but then I focus on why I am doing what I am doing, and the change that I want to happen in my life.

Other days, I truly feel alive! I do. I feel so much more aware about my surroundings, my way of showing up and how I tackle different situations. I also have a better mood and that I truly am a better Mum and wife. And I am much more brave in situations I didn’t expect myself to be brave.

In  a very short time I am already starting to feel and see results.

It is only the start, but what will happen, and what results will I get if I continue with this for the rest of the year? That is to be seen. If you want, I will keep you updated.

So the question I ask you: What are you doing today, that will give you a different tomorrow?

All my love,

Carina Asp
Marketing Coach

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