The Brand – YOU!

You are the brand of your business

The brand “YOU” is the trustworthy part in your business, and is the way you gain peoples trust and confidence in your business, product or service. Have you ever stopped to think about the effect your actions and how dependent you are on your choices. It will always give an effect weather or not you choose to do something or not to do something. The choice of acting have a real impact on your business. If you choose to communicate seriously, direct and transparent your actions has taken you a further step towards reaching your goal.

What You can do to improve your brand

Here are a few tips that I think could make a difference in your communication are:

  • always proof read your emails
  • give value in your communication
  • be on time to meetings
  • take notes during meeting (if you want to shine, you can always send your corrected notes to the participants of the meeting – always much appreciated by many)
  • maintain your integrity

Your Reputation Is Your Brand

Find people that you en enjoy being around. Network to grow ideas and help others with ideas, give value. Being around like-minded people is a must for success. You do not want to find yourself being draged down by people that  are not seeing your goals, guessing the outcome of your business and not believing in what you do. The most expensive advise you can get is from a person that don’t understand where you are going or aiming to get too. You can give value to people around you, and if that is of value for them, they will start to talk about you! The brand “YOU” has suddenly started the most famous way of marketing: word-of-mouth. A completely FREE way of marketing your business.

Watch out – Your brand can be destroyed in seconds!

Remember, your brand might have been built on pillars that you have worked very hard to get and has cost you a lot of effort, time and money. If you aren’t proactive, your work or business, i e your brand “YOU” can be destroyed in just a few seconds. Therefore, it is always best to be transparent in all your marketing and brand “YOU”. It might have taken you a lifetime to build your brand, but if something goes wrong, it is destroyed in seconds. Admit mistakes if you’ve made a mistake, everyone can make a mistake. We are only humans.

When doing marketing, remember to give value to your customers, always! Marketing is not done in a turn of a hand, it needs a strategy. It is like the saying, “-you don’t go to battle without a strategy“, you need a plan. Don’t wait until you are forced to be proactive, when doing marketing, you need to think ahead.

Last of all, be loyal to the brand “YOU”-project and focus on the best solution for your customers problems. Stand out from the crowd, that is what makes you competitive, unique and “YOU”.

All the best,

Carina Asp
Marketing Coach

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