Are you a master of Procrastination?

Do you know why we procrastinate?

When I went to school I procrastinated all the time. I didn’t see the value in doing things right away. It was borring and I thought that if I waited it might be more fun later when I didn’t have anything else to do that was more fun. Boy, was I wrong, I sat up all night before a “hand-in” of an assignment and ruined the whole next day because I was so tired from having to be sitting up late the night before. When I come to think about it, I wasn’t really interested in the task that was lying ahead of me. It was a must, something that I had to do. And if I think about it even more, it was such an intense time in school, you had to compete with the rest of the classmates. I hated it. Sure my work varied from time to time, and I didn’t alway procrastinate.

Why do we procrastinate?

But why did I procrastinate? I knew I had to pay for it in the long run…

To find out more, I researched the subject on YouTube and I thought that you might be interested in listening to this YouTube clip by Vik Nithy that I found as well. It is all in your head. I am sure that I am not alone trying to overcome this procrastination feeling.

Why we procrastinate by Vik Nithy @ TEDxYouth@TheScotsCollege

Today I know better, today I do not procrastinate and since I am an adult, I know I have to do something when it needs to be done. What I try to do though, is to make sure that I have fun things that I “must” do. Instead of having things that are borring. I try to find things that intrigues me, that makes me interested in knowing more, something that gives me and the people around me greater value. Yes, I do procrastinate sometimes as well, but it is fewer times now than when I was young.

My five tips to stop us from procrastination

  1. Identify the tasks for the day
  2. Do what you think is at risk of being procrastinated first in your day
  3. Break the hardest or most difficult task into smaller tasks and schedule them throughout your day
  4. Set goals for the tasks that needs to be done
  5. Reward yourself when you completed a difficult or borring task

I also want to say, hold yourself accountable for your success. If you procrastinate, you are going away from your goals, not closer to them. So let me know, how do you handle it when you procrastinate?

All the best,
Carina Asp
Marketing Coach

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