The freedom of working online is soon a part of our everyday life.

The marketing techniques has quickly changed only during the past decade to something completely
different than what were previously taught by any marketing guru.
The information that we share and consume today is so much more extensive from what it used to be.
We are forced to adapt to the changes in use of information and technology – adapt to the digital lifestyle.

The game online has changed

We live in the Information age and we need to reach our customers by giving them valuable content,
content that can help them with their purchasing decision throughout a sales process.

Research show that our customers have changed their purchasing behavior, showing us that they are doing all their research online before making a purchasing decision. As a business owner, this needs to be addressed and adapted to, especially since the customer now is considered to have traveled 60% through the sales process before they contact a company for a service or product.

Since our customers want the information available online, you as a business owner need to be able to provide that online or you will miss out on sales. Have you taken action to adapt to these changes?

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Educate yourself, things are not going to get less technical.

We can no longer hide behind the fact that we do not know how to work the internet and how to create traffic to our audience. It is our job to be competitive online and learn techniques that can help your business succeed.

Take action today, so that you don’t fall behind tomorrow!

All the best,

Carina Asp | Marketing Coach
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