Attract your target group with Attraction Marketing

Decide on your target group - then go find themDecide on who you want to work with, then get them into your sales funnel with small or little effort. What I am talking about is Attraction Marketing through an automated online digital business system. Wouldn’t it be just great to attract the people you want to work with and then have them come looking for you without you cold calling?

Have you ever heard of Attraction Marketing?

You may have heard of attraction marketing but never really understood what this term means or how to apply it effectively to your business! Attraction marketing concept is a marketing strategy that is about delivering value so that your customers will seek you instead of what you are trying to promote. Leading yourself as an expert, a person that can help other people to achieve their goal, all online. It is a marketing technique that eliminates cold calling and constantly chase people for business. By taking the time to learn about it and by applying it to all of your marketing, you will get results while you sleep.

The Attraction Marketing Concept

So why am I saying that this is a great concept? If you think about it, where do you go and look for information? Are you looking for information from people around you that don’t know what they are talking about or are you looking for people within that specific field that you are interested in?

With attraction marketing you deliver value and engage people. You nurture relationships and evidently build trust from both sides of the parties. When the customer knows you, they will trust you and your recommendations. By becoming an authority figure and deliver value you can help your customers with what they need, you develop a relationship and eventually they will know that they will benefit from your recommendations and come back for more. They will prosper as well as you. You will attract like-minded people and end up with working with people that you want to work with. A win-win situation.

What are the benefits of attraction marketing?

Attraction marketing helps you build trust and credibility, and long-term followers, which is the basic principles if Attraction marketing!

Another thing is that it frees up your time since you do not have to do cold calling any more with long convincing talks over the phone, only people interested in you are going to contact you. How would you feel if people are phoning you instead of you phoning them? You don’t have to convince them anymore and on autopilot.

Do you know what is the best? You can apply this attraction marketing weather or not you do have a business or not. No, I am not talking about network marketing or MLM, I am talking about using what is available to you, weather it is your own current business or if it is to start a business from scratch.

Attraction marketing is used by the Six Figure Mentors Digital Business system to help online entrepreneurs to become successful. The best part is that you can use this system too.

Yes, I want to find out more about the Digital Business System

To think of when working with Attraction marketing

When working with Attraction marketing it is important to know your audience, target market or group. I have written an article about that in an earlier post (to read that click here), but below are a few tips on how to start doing your research within your field of expertise to find your target group.

Five questions to define your target market that will help you find your target market.

  1. Who are they?
  2. What do they do?
  3. Where do they hang out?
  4. What do they want?
  5. What is stopping them from getting it?

I hope that you have learnt about attraction marketing and the different ways and the benefit of working with it. Start doing your research for your target group and if you want to learn more about the Digital Business System used for Attraction Marketing please do not hesitate to contact me or click here to learn more.

All the best,
Carina Asp

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