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Happiness creates productivity and success

Happiness creates success

Sign Love Much Love OftenThis weekend I learned about Shawn Achor at GoodThink and his research that he has done about happiness, productivity and success at Harvard University. Studies show that happy people are way more productive than unhappy people. I thought this was very interesting and exciting and really wanted to share this with you. This is a new perspective, that teaches us how to generate more success and become more productive through being happy.

We have all felt unhappy and stressed at work, haven’t you? What if we could create a surrounding that made us happy at work at all times? There has been numerous of brakes at work when you are happy talking to somebody and laughing with someone when your colleagues or even your boss has given you the “evil eye”, showing disapproval. What if that person knew what the result happiness creates. Do you think that person would re-consider his way of looking at you then?

Shawn Achor mean that we have a choice to be and happy, we can even fool our own body to happiness and create dopamin that will trigger our brain to feel happy. This would create more productivity and we will get more successful. Great ideas and studies, don’t you think?

As you probably know, entrepreneurs cannot afford to be lazy or fearful. They need to stay in a productive zone longer, but how do they do that? The secret of productivity is protecting your happiness at all costs.

Listen to Shawn Achor: The Happy Secret To Better Work

If you are curious to know if this really works, try these few exercises for 21 days, then evaluate and see if it worked. I will!


  1. Send one e-mail with appreciation to a different person each day
  2. Practice gratefulness each day – Write down 3 things each day, for 21 days
  3. Look for Humor – find youtube clip that are funny and look at them (not only will you laugh, you will live longer according to studies)
  4. Smile – this triggers dopamin to your brain and you can even fake it till you make it with a pen in you mouth that will trigger your mouth to a smile.
  5. Smiling is contagious, smile to everyone and receive a smile back. It will make you feel great
  6. Switch the state of mind of your brain by making Acts of kindness and Choose Happiness

Another thing you can do is to write down what are you grateful for every day. Make a list. Try to find new things every day. There is plenty to be grateful for….

Best of luck and all the best,

Carina Asp

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People in Seminar

Webinars and if practiced IRL

Are you often attending webinars/web meetings?

People in SeminarWell, I think that these days, all of us have attended a webinar at least once in our life. By being in a webinar there are certain etiquettes that needs to get some attention.

When we do have webinars, remember:

  • People could be located in different countries, therefore timezones are important to consider for what time you should have the webinar
  • Time management, start on time and finish on time – if time is exceeded or the meeting is starting late consider that some people could be “dead” tired or really annoyed that the meeting never starts because they have gone up in the middle of the night to attend the meeting.
  • Check your technical tools, what do you want to present and does it work? TEST IT.
  • How do you plan to “speak” to your audience, are they going to be able to join the presentation or are they muted through out the webinar?
  • If you are letting other people speak than yourself, make sure that they know how long and what they are to talk about so that you can avoid to make interruptions
  • How is your audience to interact with you? Through chat, quizes? Do you want them to interact?
  • Check your sound, does the microphone work properly, can the audience hear you?
  • How can you eliminate sound that are annoying? Think about your location when you are having the meeting. Can somebody or something disturb you from inside the house or outside?
  • Be clear about what the audience expects from you – what are your objectives with the meeting? How can you prepare the audience for the agenda? What are the key takeways that you want them to bring?
  • Speak clearly – emphasise your wording in the presentation
  • After the meeting ask for feedback

In my everyday work, I have numerous of webinars, I enjoy them but I really value that they are on time and that they keep the time that they are set for. I think that it is very impolite to let a crowd wait for a meeting that has a start and end time. That is lack of respect for other peoples time.

I found this great youtube clip that illustrates a meeting In Real Life, but with the problems and obstacles that you could have at a webinar or online meeting. I really like it. I hope you do to!

All the best,
Carina Asp

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Human Around the world, communicating

Core Values – Footsteps Taking You Closer To Your…


human-567563_1280Have you ever considered how much place your values plays an important role in your business? By knowing your values, you will give yourself the advantage and opportunity to reflect your values in your business. By communicating your values truthfully in your business to your audience, you will find that customers with the same values attracts to your business. They are interested in having contact with you and they are often happy to support your business. Here you will find some of my values.



I believe that honesty is a key component to a truthful and successful relationship/business. Honest communication cannot trick you in selling things you do not believe in, it is important for me to be able to stand for what I work with. Honesty might hurt your personality, but it gives you both an opportunity and a possibility to personal development.



Be true to yourself and the people around you gives you the opportunity to keep promises that you can keep. It guides you on your path to success and will not misguide you towards something that you don’t want or don’t believe in. You know what truth is for you.


Keep Promises

This is something that I really think is important and I will go out of my way to keep a promise that I have made. Keeping promises shows both respect for people and creates trust and credibility that what you are doing in your business is serious. It gives seriousness. It is important to deliver on time and be serious about keeping promises and not letting people down or worse, get disappointed.



It is important to me that people respect people’s values and that we stand up for one another when necessary. It is not ok to enter a personal sphere without that persons agreement. It is important to have your own space that is allowed to be personal.


Goal Oriented

To get somewhere in life I believe that you need to set goals. Goals should be achievable, measurable, motivational, reachable and creative. Goals are the drive to your success and should be re-evaluated regularly. It gives me a possibility to see that I walk towards my dream.


Responsible For My Own Actions

The only person responsible for my actions is me. I judge whether it is right or wrong based on my best knowledge and experience. No other person will force me to do something that I do not believe in. I am the one that will make my dream come true through choice and action.


Do My Best

I will always do my best. That is the most I can do for me and for people around me to be true to one self.



I am very much focused and is often described by people around me that this is one of my qualities. Keeping focused takes me to the next level of the better me and enables me to live and get closer to my dream. Focus is required to find inner peace, personal development and harmony.



Respecting one another is crucial. We do not know what other people’s experiences or how they perceive their reality as they know it. By respecting one another keeps you from being judgmental. Respect to others will teach you life and gives you experiences beyond your personal boundaries. You will develop as a human being, be a worldwide citizen and as a bonus you will learn more about the people around you.


I Believe In Good In Everyone

I truly believe in good in everyone until proven otherwise. I believe that everyone is borne “good”. How you treat others, is the way they will treat you.


Keep An Open Mind

I will always do my best to keep an open mind. This is the way you will get the furthest in life. It will teach you new things and it might even take you to the next level in mind and personal development.


What are your core values?
What do you find important in your work or every day life when doing businesses?


All the best,

Carina Asp
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