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Your dream can come true – just keep focus!

I am living my dream

Dream, Success, VisualizeToday I just want to share a very personal experience about a dream come true. I hope that you don’t mind that I do. Otherwise, stop reading right here!

My Dream

I have been working on a project now for over two years, a project that nobody believed that I would be able to pull off. Especially since it was new to my country AND since it wouldn’t bring me any money, I would not make an income from it. The thing is, I just knew that I had to do it. It felt right in my heart. Do you ever have that feeling? You just know that you have to do a certain thing?

When I started this project, I didn’t know how I would do it successfully, to make it real, I had to take small steps towards the end goal that I had in my head. I had to practice my patience to maximum limits and sometimes it felt like I was standing completely still. Not going anywhere. I probably weren’t either (and that was ok too at times). It was sometimes a struggle and I doubted many times myself that I would pull this off. But I also had people coming my way at the perfect time when I needed them the most. People that I needed to get this to success. People that made me believe in my idea and supported me so that I would go on. BUT, I also worked with the goal set in my heart, believing, that some day, this would be true and happening.

I worked very hard with visualizing a picture in my head that it would happen, when the time is right. Maybe not when I wanted it to happen. I worked on having that feeling, when I was standing there, successful with the end-result happening, happy as anything, smiling like crazy, having a feeling of completion and complete satisfaction. I will get back to this in a minute.

The Project

Let me tell you about the project. The whole idea with the project is to help children increase their self-esteem. Something that I think should be obvious weather you have an illness or not, and everyone, even children should be able to contribute to that if they care to. Our children are the next generation, many of us tend to forget that, and they are going to impact our world, as we know it today. We want to teach them to become compassionate, that we help one another and that we don’t just look at to do it in our backyard. We are responsible for what kind of world we live in and want kind of world we want to live in.

Ok, sorry, got off track there for a minute. The whole idea with the project is that children share something that they have, that other children don’t, and that they are willing to give that up because they want to help another child. By giving up something voluntarily to make another persons life better and easier to live, you increase your self-esteem by feeling that you can do something for somebody else.

By being able to contribute, you feel valuable at the same time as you give value, a win-win situation. By receiving something that helps you feeling well, increases your chances of accepting the hard time that you are struggling with a medical illness or just been given the possibility to feel a little normal. What the children give is their hair. What the children receive are wigs.

My project is now a success. It has formed to a charity organization and it is increasing by the day, and becoming reality. Each day, is a step closer to my goal. Each day, I thank my inner guide that I continued to listen and not give up. Every day, I feel that this is unreal.


My project gives me energy

“Ok”, you say, but you aren’t getting any money, how do you survive? Well, I do this charity work on the side and I work with multiple income streams so that I can continue to realize my dream.  Yes, it takes money from me, but mostly, it gives me back great energy! Energy, that I can’t explain, that gives me more satisfaction my in heart and soul than any money in the world can give me. I have a feeling of success, a feeling of completion and a feeling of “I told you so” (especially to those that didn’t believe in my “project” and me).


So why do I tell you all this?

Well it is because this feeling inside is fantastic; anyone should be able to experience it. Every one! You can!

Have you ever heard that inner voice in your head telling you that you need to do a certain thing; it could be all from starting your own business to climb the mountains in Nepal? You just know that one day you have to do it, that life is more to it than the 9-5 rat race. Nothing is going to stop you getting there. Have you ever had that feeling?

This feeling, for me, is hard to describe with words, but I hope that you know where I am coming from and what I am trying to say.


Visualize yourself to success

So, what I want to say with all this is, imagine yourself having that feeling of when you have succeeded with what you aimed to do and are following that inner voice in your head. Imagine your feelings, the people around you, what your senses are picking up on in forms of what you smell, hear and taste (maybe champagne). Who are you celebrating your success with? How are you celebrating it? Visualize it, that you already are there! Use your imagination as much as you can, nothing is wrong. Then use this visualization as often as you can. Daily, if possible! If you want to take it further, create a vision board that you can see every day to remind yourself of where you are aiming to go.

Reaching your goals, as I did with this “project”, the charity organization, it is a difficult task to describe how you feel. But it is just great. The charity organization that I now work for has now been in magazines, the evening press and it continues to go viral on social media and is increasing by the day. It is a wonderful feeling; I just wish every body could experience this feeling at least once in his or her lifetime.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my dream come true and how I got there. My final words are: don’t ever give up your dream, no matter what others say around you.


All the best,
Carina Asp


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Have Faith in You, Successful girl holding here hands up, Carina Asp

Have Faith In Your Success

Have Faith In You!

Have Faith In You, Successful girl holding here hands up, Carina AspToday I just want to remind you to have faith in yourself and your business. It might not take as fast as you like to build a business. But persist and have faith in yourself and your dream, and you have two ingredients that will bring you to success both in life and at work. Don’t ever stop to believe in yourself. BUT remember that you need to make room for it in your life. Don’t be filled with issues that aren’t of your concern and that only steel your time and energy.


The Secret of Success

I came across this story the other day on the web and I thought that it was so inspirational, clear and concise in the messaging about The Secret of Success that I wanted to share it with you. It is a Zen story about The Secret of Success.

Here is the story – The Secret of Success:


There once lived a Zen Master who, one day, wanted to teach the secret of success to his students. He asked them, “Do you know how to be successful in work and life?” They replied, “No sir, we don’t know. But what we know is that to be successful is difficult.” He said, “So today we are going to learn the method to be successful in work and life.” All of the students looked excited and asked him, “What is it? Teach us it, Master?” He said to them, “It is a technique. All you have to do is just swing your hands to and fro three hundred times a day. Can you do that?” They said to him full of doubt, “That is easy. But why do we have to do that? And what for, Master?” He reassured them, saying, “That is the secret of success. As a result of doing this, all of you will be successful in work and life.” They were excited about the prospect of this and asked him, “Wow! That sounds easy, Master. But for how long do we have to do that?” He answered, “For one year. Can you all do that?” They replied, “Yes sir, absolutely we can. That is easy.”


When one week passed and then the Master checked whether his students were swinging their hands. All of them said, “Yes, Master. We are still doing it now.” He said to them, “Good! All of you will be successful in work and life.” A month passed by and again he checked his students’ practice. He found out that half of them had stopped. Two months passed by, he again checked his students’ practice, asking them, “How many of you are still doing this easy task of swinging hands?” Everyone was quiet, except one student who broke the silence, answering, “Yes, Master. I am still doing it.” He was proud of the student and said, “Well done! You will be successful in work and life in the here and now and in the future.”

He explained to the rest of the students, “You see! You all said swinging hands is easy. But now all of you have stopped doing this easy task. Think about it. How can any of you be successful in work and life? Even this easy job you have stopped.” They all quietly thought it over and seemed to accept the Master’s explanation. The moral of the story is that to be successful in work and life, we need constant intention, dedication, effort, patience and practice. Otherwise we will end up with failure like the students in the story. It is true that people like to say, “Well! That is easy work. I will complete this and that.” But after not so long, they just stop doing it. We can see it is easy just to say something. Doing is something else.
(source: The Secret to Success)


The story shows us that the secret of success is the need for constant intention, dedication, effort, patience and practice. Qualities that aren’t just one task. Think how you can be consistent and persist with your every day actions, weather they are easy to do, repetitive, boring, big or small -your persistence will make you successful in work and in life.

Have faith in – YOU

Have faith and learn from greater people around you that has made the journey before you. Have faith in yourself and believe that if they can be successful, you can too. Believe it, feel it and live it.

I would love to hear what your secret to success is. Would you mind commenting below on how you keep faith in you and your dream?


All the best,
Carina Asp

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Digital Detox – is it necessary?

Do you need a Digital Detox?

This is a real sensitive issue. A lot of people are checking their email, messenger and social media numerous of times during the day! I myself is one of those people. If you work in an environment where you constantly are hooked up to the web you are in much “danger” of becoming addicted to it. You probably need a Digital Detox Day ones week.

computer keyboard, Carina AspIt made me think when I saw that my manager had put up signs around his office that told him between what times he should check his email, not even having the email program open on other times to distract his attention. At first, I really thought this was funny, no really, I did. But it made me think! Why did he do that? And the more I was thinking about it, the more I thought that this was a great idea. A digital detox, a part of the day?!

Imagine that you are focused on a task, and you are working very efficiently and getting things done, all of a sudden a “ping” (notification) pops up and instantly get your attention away from your current task. If you are anything like me, you just have to look at it and read what it says and from whom it was sent! BAD IDEA! Yepp! Really bad idea. What happened to your focus? Yepp… gone as well. According to the NY Times, every distraction takes away approx. 25 minutes efficient time from you, as it takes that time to return to the original task. So, back to my manager, he did a pretty clever thing, don’t you think?

A digital detox can help you to work more Efficiently

Here are some tips that you might want to do if you want to eliminate that interruption:

  • Set times twice a day or maybe three to check your email
  • Have those apps at the smart phone on silence for pop up messages and put it away
  • When you do not want to get disturbed, put your phone on meeting status (if you can)
  • Check your social media status on set time and give it your full attention when you do
  • Try the Digital Detox

Think back on the old days when we didn’t have a smartphone and weren’t accessible around the clock, wasn’t that just nice? We were not expected to answer right away, we were considered busy or out. What would happen, if you for example, left the phone at home one day and wasn’t reachable until you got home? Would you find it hard? I can only recommend that if you do, plan it! One day, do something else than checking your phone, social media status, tweets and email, it will do you good!

By practicing a digital detox day and not being reached at all hours could actually give you more energy, and allow you time to focus on something else, maybe even you will even get more relaxed? What would you do with your time?

Here is a challenge – Try a digital detox for a day!

Keep focus on what you do, enjoy it and set time for it!
You will definitely get more done and be more efficient. Avoid and eliminate the black holes that will suck your energy and time (25 minutes) from you! Reboot and get creative!

Listen to what Caroline Giegerich at TEDxAustinWomen have to say about this:

All the best,
Carina Asp

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Man standing on the top, healthy lifestyle

How Do You Balance A Healthy Lifestyle?

How Do You Balance Your Healthy Lifestyle?

Man standing on the top, healthy lifestyleTo move your body everyday is the simplest and best way towards better health and a longer life.

Exercise doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. It is enough just to use your feet, both at home and at work. In todays’ blogpost I just want to give you a few tips on how you can get a healthier and longer life with small and easy actions. I know that if you are working in front of a computer, and are anything like me, you probably get stuck in front of it for too long. Did you know that every 30 minutes, you should move around, if only for a minute?

It is easy to change to become more healthy

Since we do sit still quit a lot in our society we have to change our body’s position and make sure that we stretch our legs often enough so sitting still doesn’t affect our health negatively.

Stand up for a healthy lifestyle

  • Did you for example know that if you stood up and worked for two hours, you would loose 10 kg in a year?!
    I mean, can it be harder to loose weight?
  • By shifting for from a sitting to a standing position, it actually increase our energy consumption by three times.
  • Other benefits are for those that have pain in neck, back and shoulders after a lot of sitting still, they can be helped by standing up.

Here are some easy tips on what you can do to sneak in some exercises in a healthy daily routine

  • Stand up working during two hours a day (doesn’t have to be two hours in a row)
  • Use stairs instead of elevator when accessible
  • Get off the bus stop one stop earlier than your normal bus stop and walk the rest
  • If you are meeting somebody for coffee, meet a bit further away and walk together to the coffeeshop
  • Go for a daily walk 30 minutes a day, on your lunch break you can get colleagues to join you
  • Join Facebook groups that network through walks
  • Listen to music while walking. A Norwegian study showed recently that the portable headsets with music affects your walk and how fast you walk
  • Dance, like you have never danced before when your favorite song is on
  • Get out in the forest to walk, it will not only benefit your body’s balance and coordination it will also enhance your sense organs through using your hearing, smell, feel and taste (if you are lucky).
  • Instead of standing in the escalators, walk – challenge yourself, how fast can you do it?
  • Stand up in meetings, maybe even suggest that in your working place
  • Do walking meetings outdoor if possible
  • Park your car at the carpark at the place that is the most farthest away lot
  • Walk to your grocery store

Other great benefits from exercise

  1. Your sex life is enhanced with good exercise, and an American study shows that one power walk a day decrease impotency.
  2. Regular exercise decreases the risk of becoming demented.
  3. Exercise decreases stress
  4. Elderly people that goes for walk, live longer
  5. A British-American study shows that if one do exercise at least three hours each week one are ten years younger in their body than one who doesn’t exercise.

Jogging shoes, Carina AspRemember it is never too late to start a healthy lifestyle. The person who is physically active has a larger chance to remain healthy and live longer. You can almost always walk anywhere – bring your shoes, wherever you go!

All the best,

Carina Asp

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fish swimming

“Only dead fish follow the stream..”

Are you a dead or alive fish?

fish swimming“Only the dead fish follow the stream”, these words was written and sung by a Swedish artist Louise Hoffsten, and it so so true.

All to many people are following the stream without trusting their own inner ingenious wisdom. They rather adapt than question what is right or wrong. Especially trends are getting these kind of followers. So WHY?

According to psychiatrist, many people fear more to speak in public than to die. This fear is believed to be caused by fear of feeling or being excluded, to stand out from the crowd, to be criticized, ridiculed and out frozen. The fear to be different hinders many people to seek new ways to solve their problems. When trying to successfully start a business or any other endeavor that is different from the crowd or standard you often meet comments such as -“Be careful.” This is a normal reaction from our close ones or people that don’t often try to expand their own horizon. They are scared for your sake, because they would never do what you do. They don’t have the same beliefs as you do and do not see their own full potential. They are often those kind of people that need to take a closer look at themselves in the mirror to create contact with their inner wisdom instead of living their life based on their fears. These people are also normally the ones to set trends, as they don’t want to be different from any other one, they follow the crowd.

What can you do to avoid this and get these people on your side?

  • Be informative – communicate your goal – long term and short term,
  • Take responsibility for your failures,
  • Be unique and believe in You,
  • Invest in yourself,
  • Explain your vision and what you are working towards,
  • Communicate that you expect ups and downs like life itself,
  • Set achievable goals that you can show that are reachable and realistic,
  • Tell them that you expect their support in this matter, and
  • Show the advantages when you reach your goal.

You need to see and have contact with your inner wisdom

According to Jay Kubassek, co-founder of The Six Figure Mentors and the Digital Expert Academy, we already have 99% of being an entrepreneur inside of us, we only need that last 1%. I believe that fear is that one percentage that hinders us to fully be what we want to become. That little 1% has grabbed such a hold around us, that sometimes we can not break out from that firm grip. That one percent, can be overcome by different personal reasons, some people need a push and hear from others that they are unique and that somebody believes in them (this was me), others need a mentor, others have networks or communities, and some are just born with the natural state of being a person that want to explore everything! What do you believe? Which kind of person are you?

Make sure that you are clear on your goals and where you want to go. Dare to be different. Be an alive fish – not a dead one!

Carina Asp
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