The Money is in the list

“-The Money Is In The List”

“The Money is in the list” – they say

Consultant work Marketing, Branding & Lead GenerationIn the good old days, if we had a store, a customer would enter the store, possibly purchase something and then leave and never come back. A one-timer. When that customer was gone, he/she was gone. We had no way of building a relationship with him/her and no possibility to give more value to generate more sales.

Today, marketing is different, it is all about building, having relationships and giving our customers value. Create a conversation. Today, we build relationships with our customer and make sure that they would come back through different tactics, one of them is to build a list.

Start a conversation online

Whisper in the earWe live in the Information age and we need to reach our customers by giving them valuable content, content that can help them with their purchasing decision throughout a sales process. Research show that our customers have changed their purchasing behavior, showing us that they are doing all their research online before making a purchasing decision. As a business owner, this needs to be addressed and adapted to, especially since the customer now is considered to have traveled 60% through the sales process before they contact a company for a service or product. Since our customers want the information available online, you as a business owner need to be able to provide that online or you will miss out on sales. Start a conversation online. Have you taken action to adapt to these changes?

Let us get back to the store

Ok, I had the example about the store, let us continue with that. What if the store had an option for their customers to sign up with their email? What benefits would that give the store? Well, suddenly the store has the opportunity to start a conversation with the customer, give them more value and have the possibility to tailor offers that are right for their specific audience. Which in return would give the store valuable insight in how to target their customers in their marketing.

The value of a customer

A current customer is as important as a new, probably even more, because a new customer costs a lot more to get. A current customer can also be a very good brand ambassador that recommend your brand to its friends and family, i.e. generate more sales for you. They also need less persuasion to make a purchase. So these need to feel valued. You are no longer just in the “running a store business”; you are in the “relationship business”.

If you want to know more about list building, click here to learn more and get your copy of “List Building for Profit”, written by the author Stuart Ross, a Digital Freedom Entrepreneur.

All the best,

Carina Asp | Marketing Coach
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9-5 jobs are soon a memory of yesterday

The freedom of working online is soon a part of our everyday life.

The marketing techniques has quickly changed only during the past decade to something completely
different than what were previously taught by any marketing guru.
The information that we share and consume today is so much more extensive from what it used to be.
We are forced to adapt to the changes in use of information and technology – adapt to the digital lifestyle.

The game online has changed

We live in the Information age and we need to reach our customers by giving them valuable content,
content that can help them with their purchasing decision throughout a sales process.

Research show that our customers have changed their purchasing behavior, showing us that they are doing all their research online before making a purchasing decision. As a business owner, this needs to be addressed and adapted to, especially since the customer now is considered to have traveled 60% through the sales process before they contact a company for a service or product.

Since our customers want the information available online, you as a business owner need to be able to provide that online or you will miss out on sales. Have you taken action to adapt to these changes?

If you haven’t – Do you want to learn more about Digital Marketing and why it is beneficial to use it in a business? If you want to get your marketing knowledge up-to-date. Click this link for a FREE 7-day video training series made by digital freedom entrepreneurs that practice this digital marketing in their business.

Educate yourself, things are not going to get less technical.

We can no longer hide behind the fact that we do not know how to work the internet and how to create traffic to our audience. It is our job to be competitive online and learn techniques that can help your business succeed.

Take action today, so that you don’t fall behind tomorrow!

All the best,

Carina Asp | Marketing Coach
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I Can’t Do That, Can I?

Can I or can I not?

“Everyone is good at a lot of things, but me.”
“I am only average. I could never succeed in converting an idea into a business.”

How many times have you had those kinds of thoughts in your head?
Or. Do you know somebody that has those very thoughts? I bet you know at least one. Maybe even one, plus yourself.

Ponder upon this…

What if, there is a chance that you can do whatever you want! Succeed with an idea and start a business! What if your idea could become reality and you could become successful with it? Earn cash. Earn freedom. Work with something that you are passionate about, and work with what actually gives you value.

Many people want to make their dream a reality but are often put down by Themselves!
Resulting in – not even giving themselves a chance to succeed.

Nobody does it better.

Stop for a minute. Think about what you just read for a moment.

What if, every person in the world would think this way? Where would we be then?

What if, everyone would question themselves when they have an idea that they really want to implement if they really could pull that off? Would we then be in the world we live in today? Would technology move as fast as it does? Would there be such a massive increase of entrepreneurs, increasing every day?

The simple answer is: No.

What would happen if you would change your thoughts in your head to…

What if…
… Could I pull this off?
… nobody else can implement this better than me?
… it doesn’t become realized because I didn’t take action?
… people connect with me and the way I do things?
… I really could become successful?

Do you think that you taking action would change your current situation?
The simple answer to that, I believe, is: Yes.

I am here to tell you that you can! “-You can!”

The world doesn’t need more nay-sayers.

The world needs brave, entrepreneurial people that dare to be different, that dare to stand out and be themselves.
Make their ideas and dreams reality.
The world needs people to take action.
Make a difference. And the only person to be you the best is YOU!

Do you know how many great ideas there are out there, that never is put into action? Ideas that are wasted. Cash that is wasted. Ideas that could help the world become a better place. Why do think that is?

What often stops us is fear

Scary, isn’t it?

Fear is just fantasies in your own head taking over the control of your body and actions. Fear is creative and innovative thoughts that make you believe that they will happen in real life. But if you stop and look at them truthfully you don’t know or even have a clue if it really will happen. Use this creativity and innovative way of think to your advantage instead.

The powerful thing is, you steer your thoughts, you decided what to think and you choose what thoughts you allow to become powerful. You let your thoughts take over and hinder yourself from having your ideas become reality. There are numerous of books about this topic in libraries and bookstores.

Ok, some of us also think of what others will think of us. That is true.
But isn’t that fear as well? Fear of not fitting in. Fear of being different.

Do you believe in yourself?

I have witnessed so many people that have stopped pursuing their dreams or ideas because their spouse or family members didn’t believe in what they want to pursue or in them as a person.

People have told me that, -“You really are wasting your time and money. That will never work.” That is so sad.

How could they ever know the outcome?
How would they know how passionate you will work towards your goal? Have they tried?
Have they ever had an idea that has burnt so badly inside that they just know that they just have to do it?
I mean, really felt it?

The thing is, often they haven’t! So how can they be allowed to give you advice?

Pull your reasoning together.

Should you listen to inexperienced people around you, people that themselves, are talking out of fear of starting new things?

  • Instead, shall we not start to listen to people that actually has succeeded and start to learn from them?
  • How they made it?
  • How they became successful?
  • How they pursued in good times and in bad?

Isn’t it an obligation, to ourselves, to start doing research on what we can do to make our idea or dream come true? Wouldn’t you agree?

“-But I am no entrepreneur!”

I get that you think like that for now, BUT, what if you are?

Convert ideas into a business!

Look into the possibility of actually succeeding.
Look at the possibility to implement your idea.

  • What do you need?
  • What do you need to do?
  • What do you need to know?
  • Who can help you?

Stop being scared of failure and fear. How many times do you think that successful people have failed? I can tell you that they have failed over and over again. Many times. The secret is to pursue. Do something that you are passionate about and knowing WHY you are doing what you are doing.

The solution

Here are some tips on what you need to do to start implementing the idea of realizing an idea or even a dream:

  • Find like minded people that inspire you.
  • Network with entrepreneurs.
  • Mastermind with people that has achieved what you want to achieve.
  • Get a mentor.
  • Read books.
  • Ask for help.
  • Research.
  • Dare to be different.
  • Dare to fail.
  • Don’t fear your surroundings. Even if it means that you have to “stick your nose out”.
  • Believe in your own capacity.
  • Find a business partner.

I believe that You are the marketing and to be able to succeed you need to think about how you think and look at success and failure. Everyone, that is willing to pursue their dream, will succeed. Marketing starts with You and Ends with You!

To start to follow a dream or an idea that you want to put into reality isn’t that hard, it is often the surroundings that make it difficult to realize.

I wish you all the best,
Carina Asp | Marketing Coach

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Use your time wisely!

Time for sale

Use your time wisely! www.carinaasp.seDo you have time to sell?

If you would be able to sell time – you would probably be the richest person on earth! Don’t you think? Everybody lack time at some time in their life.

How valuable is time to you?

You know that time is the one thing that everyone has equal of and yet we all complain of not having enough of it. Isn’t it about time that we use our time wisely at that moment? Some speaker I listened to a while ago said that in a lifetime, if you live until you are 80 years of age, you have lived 30 000 days! So depending how old you are today, how many days do you have left to live? When you look it like that and start to count your days, it sort of becomes like a wakeup call, at least it was for me.

WHAT?!! All of a sudden, I don’t have all that time that I thought I did to pursue my dream, my goals and my mission. It then becomes very obvious that I have to take action to get going, don’t you think? I need to start to use my time wisely. Do I really have time to watch that TV-show that I am not really interested in? Or, can I really say, “later dear” to my children when they ask me something? I would say No. I need to value time for what it is and start to spend it very wisely.

The time is NOW.

When you think about it, the time is NOW. We live in the now, not in the past and not in the future. So spending the time of now is as important as now, and now. We can do plans and we can look at times that we might not spent time as sufficient has we would have liked to.I also believe in planning and trying to make the best of the hours that I do have.

How do you plan your time? Do you always feel stressed about not getting enough time? Do you segment your time during the day? Do you make sure that you are doing the most urgent tasks first? I try to plan my time, do my best to stay in the now and be active in the now. It is a challenge, because it is just so easy to plan in the future and look forward to that without enjoying the now.

Prepare4More – Use your time wisely!

A wise and successful business man, Peter C Remington, once told me about his morning routines and that he wouldn’t let anything make him change his routine. It was just too much of value to him to be able to focus on his life and success. He went up early in the morning to have enough time to for example exercise, reflect, read and plan his day. It was extraordinary to hear how he implemented this into his daily routine, leaving him calm and assertive about the success in his life.

If you are interested to know more, Peter C Remington runs a business called Prepare4More where actually talks about purpose (just like I have discussed in another blogpost – read it here). But what I want you to look for is his book, Be-Aholic: A 14-Step Process to Becoming a Success-Aholic:

I think, that if you could sell time, it would be the most valuable asset that you can sell since everyone don’t have enough time at one time or another. But if you use your time wisely you will be prepared for more and enjoy a successful life with anything that you challenge yourself with.

Use your time wisely!

All the best,

Carina Asp
Marketing Coach

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Do you feel overwhelmed?

Do You Feel Overwhelmed? www.carinaasp.seDo you know that when we are overwhelmed, scared or feeling unpleasant, we tend to procrastinate?

It is often just too much for us to even know where to start and therefore we procrastinate and end up doing nothing instead. Then stress arrives, like a letter in the mail, full on and creating anxiety and the feeling of not having enough time. You know that you need to get a certain task done; yet you procrastinate and don’t take action.

Procrastination is a negative spiral

This is a negative spiral, a spiral that takes you further and further away from your goal and what you want to achieve. Do your recognize this feeling? The feeling of being incomplete, knowing that you should do something about it, but just don’t have the energy to do it. You don’t feel motivated because it overwhelms you. Many times we can procrastinate because of fear, doubt or even the feeling of feeling unpleasant.

So, you say, what shall I do? I don’t know where to start. I should have done a thousand things before today and here I am, and have done nothing! Your feelings have taken a firm grip around you, not letting you think clearly. Logically you know what needs to be done, but it is just too much and you are not taking action. This is what I want to discuss today.

To do list and NOT to do list

Not long ago, I had the opportunity to listen to a wise man called Christer Olsson, he actually talked about structuring the to-do list and at the same time create a NOT-to-do list. He mean that we fill our calendars with tasks from our to-do lists in a flash, not realizing that we really should remove something else on the list NOT-to-do as soon as we add something that we need to get done.

Every time we put something on the to-do list, we should remove something as well and put it on the not-to-do list. We should make priorities that help us moving forward and not adding more to the list, knowing already that we really won’t have the time to fulfill those tasks, always feeling insufficient because the list never shrinks. If you add something, you should remove something, it is the balance, which we must have in life. We all have the same amount of hours in a day to spend wisely.

Taking action is the only way to get out of procrastination

Yes of course you say, but I still have a lot to do. Yes, you probably have, a lot of us do. So therefore the next step should be to make priorities and separate the to-do list with one column for what tasks are important and another column for what tasks are urgent to do and take action upon. When these lists are created you need to identify what is important AND urgent? By identifying these, you know what you should start with first. Prioritize these tasks and take action.

We tend to think that it is the thought that counts, it isn’t the case, we need to take action – just do it!

Are you living a life and running a business you love? What actions are you taking today? Please share your thoughts below in the comment box about what you do to prevent to procrastinate.

All the best,

Carina Asp
Marketing Coach
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Where are you going and do you want to get there?

Where Are You Going And Do You Want To…

Where are you going and do you want to get there? What is Your Mission? www.carinaasp.seWhere are you going and do you want to get there? What is Your Mission?

“Where are you going and do you want to get there?” is the title of a book that I recently read by the Swedish author Christer Olsson. The book is about personal development and this question is connected with family, business and your own personal health.

When I read this title, it got me thinking. Do we ever stop to see if we are going where we want to go in life or mission? Or, do we only follow along as life happens? Do we need a purpose and a mission in life to be happy?

I think this question is very relevant since many of us regret when we are older what we didn’t do or achieve when we had the chance. Is that what we want in the end?

Is this question important for our happiness and success in life? Do we need a purpose or a mission? Have you identified yours? Are you then measuring the steps on how you are living your mission on regular basis?

Business + Mission + Passion = Success

I believe that if you can combine your business and your mission in life I believe in success. Because if you are passionate about your mission, you become passionate about your business and your passion then becomes contagious. It is so much easier to talk and take action when you are living your mission with your purpose in life.

What do You want out of your life?

Many people do not stop to think of what they want out of life. They follow the society’s set of standards and rules and get formed and shaped according to expectations by society. Many people “wake up” too late and are missing life itself and what they thought it could be. But many people also put the victim suite on and say that others can achieve something and not themselves. Not realizing their own magnificent potential. The potential we all have within us.

How can I find my purpose or mission?

A very simple exercise is to stop and think about what you are passionate about – they are often things that get you to loose track of time – what would that be?

A lot of people don’t realize that if they do what the are passionate about, they will succeed when taking action. But that is usually where it stops. A lot of people do not take action to get to where they want to be. Yes, you could say lazy. But if you want to have a purpose in life, you need to take action, daily action.

Passion + Daily Action results in a Purposeful life.

It can be quit difficult to believe in yourself and step outside your comfort zone to start something that you are passionate about. My mentor Jay Kubassek talks about the X, Y and Z Factor and how everyone has their full potential within, they just have to bring it out, to action. Below you can find a video from Jay Kubassek that explains Successful Living.

Another place you can find inspiration from Jay Kubassek is from his #aWakeUpcall. A podcast that is for people that are ready to begin to realize a life they really want to live. Tens of of thousands of inspired and motivated entrepreneurs, business owner, and professionals tune into this podcast every week to get inspired. Find your mission and your potential with Jay, click here to learn about Jay Kubassek’s #aWakeUpcall

Success starts with You taking action to reach your mission every day!

Are you ready to begin your life mission or are you content with life as it is today?

I hope that you have got value out of this blogpost, please share your own experience in the the comment box below

All the best,
Carina Asp

Marketing Coach
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Are you a chained elephant?

Chained elephant babyAre you wearing a chain around your foot?

Elephants are taught from an early age when they are baby elephants that if they are chained to a pole they can not escape, they are stuck, can’t get away. This is something that they continue to practice even when they are grown up, not realizing their own capacity as they grow bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger. They are stuck in what they were taught from an early age and therefore you can see elephants that stay chained around a pole on only one foot.

So, back to my question, Are You a chained elephant?

Are you stuck in patterns that you were taught at an early age, maybe as a child? Are you stuck in a mindset that applied to you years ago? Are you practicing something that you don’t think twice about why you are practicing it? What I mean is, do you ever question what you are doing and why? Many people do this usually at the age of being a teenager, but some of us just accept life as it is and do not question why things are the way they are.

Let me tell you a story… a chain reaction…

There is a story about a preparation for a thanksgiving dinner that I once heard a CEO tell his employees to make them think. The story goes something like this:

A woman is preparing the thanksgiving turkey but before she put the turkey in the oven, she cuts the edges off the turkey. One of her friends asks her why she was cutting of the edges like that. The answer she received was, ”-because my mother has always done that! This is the way we prepare our thanksgiving turkey in our family.”

Of course this question continued to be in her mind and she asked her mother, why the ends always are cut off on the thanksgiving turkey. Her mother gave her the exact same answer as her daughter just gave her friend: ”-That is how we prepare our thanksgiving turkey in our family.” The mothers mother, the woman’s grandmother overheard the conversation and started laughing. The daughter and the mother are confused over the reaction. The Grandmother then answers very simply, -”I had to cut off the edges, because the turkey wouldn’t fit in the tray if I didn’t.”

I think that this story is a good story that makes you think of why you do what you do. Do we just keep going because this is the way we always have done it or do we take action and question what we do? Dare to do it differently?

Maybe we should think more about what we do and why we do it. It doesn’t always have to be the same to get the best result.

All the best,
Carina Asp

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Attraction Marketing

Decide on your target group – then go find…

Attract your target group with Attraction Marketing

Decide on your target group - then go find themDecide on who you want to work with, then get them into your sales funnel with small or little effort. What I am talking about is Attraction Marketing through an automated online digital business system. Wouldn’t it be just great to attract the people you want to work with and then have them come looking for you without you cold calling?

Have you ever heard of Attraction Marketing?

You may have heard of attraction marketing but never really understood what this term means or how to apply it effectively to your business! Attraction marketing concept is a marketing strategy that is about delivering value so that your customers will seek you instead of what you are trying to promote. Leading yourself as an expert, a person that can help other people to achieve their goal, all online. It is a marketing technique that eliminates cold calling and constantly chase people for business. By taking the time to learn about it and by applying it to all of your marketing, you will get results while you sleep.

The Attraction Marketing Concept

So why am I saying that this is a great concept? If you think about it, where do you go and look for information? Are you looking for information from people around you that don’t know what they are talking about or are you looking for people within that specific field that you are interested in?

With attraction marketing you deliver value and engage people. You nurture relationships and evidently build trust from both sides of the parties. When the customer knows you, they will trust you and your recommendations. By becoming an authority figure and deliver value you can help your customers with what they need, you develop a relationship and eventually they will know that they will benefit from your recommendations and come back for more. They will prosper as well as you. You will attract like-minded people and end up with working with people that you want to work with. A win-win situation.

What are the benefits of attraction marketing?

Attraction marketing helps you build trust and credibility, and long-term followers, which is the basic principles if Attraction marketing!

Another thing is that it frees up your time since you do not have to do cold calling any more with long convincing talks over the phone, only people interested in you are going to contact you. How would you feel if people are phoning you instead of you phoning them? You don’t have to convince them anymore and on autopilot.

Do you know what is the best? You can apply this attraction marketing weather or not you do have a business or not. No, I am not talking about network marketing or MLM, I am talking about using what is available to you, weather it is your own current business or if it is to start a business from scratch.

Attraction marketing is used by the Six Figure Mentors Digital Business system to help online entrepreneurs to become successful. The best part is that you can use this system too.

Yes, I want to find out more about the Digital Business System

To think of when working with Attraction marketing

When working with Attraction marketing it is important to know your audience, target market or group. I have written an article about that in an earlier post (to read that click here), but below are a few tips on how to start doing your research within your field of expertise to find your target group.

Five questions to define your target market that will help you find your target market.

  1. Who are they?
  2. What do they do?
  3. Where do they hang out?
  4. What do they want?
  5. What is stopping them from getting it?

I hope that you have learnt about attraction marketing and the different ways and the benefit of working with it. Start doing your research for your target group and if you want to learn more about the Digital Business System used for Attraction Marketing please do not hesitate to contact me or click here to learn more.

All the best,
Carina Asp

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Time, procrastinate, procrastination

Are you a master of Procrastination?

Do you know why we procrastinate?

Time, procrastinate, procrastinationWhen I went to school I procrastinated all the time. I didn’t see the value in doing things right away. It was borring and I thought that if I waited it might be more fun later when I didn’t have anything else to do that was more fun. Boy, was I wrong, I sat up all night before a “hand-in” of an assignment and ruined the whole next day because I was so tired from having to be sitting up late the night before. When I come to think about it, I wasn’t really interested in the task that was lying ahead of me. It was a must, something that I had to do. And if I think about it even more, it was such an intense time in school, you had to compete with the rest of the classmates. I hated it. Sure my work varied from time to time, and I didn’t alway procrastinate.


Why do we procrastinate?

But why did I procrastinate? I knew I had to pay for it in the long run…

To find out more, I researched the subject on YouTube and I thought that you might be interested in listening to this YouTube clip by Vik Nithy that I found as well. It is all in your head. I am sure that I am not alone trying to overcome this procrastination feeling.

Why we procrastinate by Vik Nithy @ TEDxYouth@TheScotsCollege

Today I know better, today I do not procrastinate and since I am an adult, I know I have to do something when it needs to be done. What I try to do though, is to make sure that I have fun things that I “must” do. Instead of having things that are borring. I try to find things that intrigues me, that makes me interested in knowing more, something that gives me and the people around me greater value. Yes, I do procrastinate sometimes as well, but it is fewer times now than when I was young.


My five tips to stop us from procrastination

  1. Identify the tasks for the day
  2. Do what you think is at risk of being procrastinated first in your day
  3. Break the hardest or most difficult task into smaller tasks and schedule them throughout your day
  4. Set goals for the tasks that needs to be done
  5. Reward yourself when you completed a difficult or borring task

I also want to say, hold yourself accountable for your success. If you procrastinate, you are going away from your goals, not closer to them. So let me know, how do you handle it when you procrastinate?

All the best,
Carina Asp

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