Marketing to everyone, will result in marketing to no…

Find solutions to people’s problems

PeopleOr at least, show them a solution to a problem they didn’t know existed until you had them identify the solution that they didn’t know they had a need to solve.

Marketing is all about finding solutions to problems. By finding out what your audience need and lack the most, helps you to be able to present a solution at the right time and place at the time they need it the most and are most likely to make a purchase. For example, when they are looking for an answer to a problem, the answer should be lying right under their nose, presented professionally and specifically to trigger them to make an instant purchase. Like you do in the grocery store, you go to the fridge where there are milk to get milk, and not to the meat section, right? When getting there, you expect to have milk located there, not greens. And it is located there, and no body even think twice about it being anywhere else but there. This is what you want for displaying your solutions – it is there and no body thinks it should be anywhere else. So how do you do that?

Research your audience

It is important to find your target market if you want to be successful with your marketing. You need to know everything about your audience and there are no limits to how much research one can do for different market segments. Start with one, learn everything about that audience and then – start to do your marketing!

Here are some advice for your research for finding your target audience:

  • What do you know about them? Write a list what you do know about your target market before you open browsers to research more.
  • What are their age?
  • Where do they live?
  • What lifestyle have they got? Are they particularly fond of for example any accessories? or do the do the same activities repetedly?
  • Where are thy located?
  • What language do they speak?
  • Do you have anything in common with them and if you do what would that be?
  • What do they need?
  • What are their fears?
  • What do they laugh at

Well, I think you get what I mean by now. Find out everything that you possibly can about your target audience!
You know, speak their language, walk their walk, talk their talk and learn everything there is about them. Make sure that you do marketing that are attractive to them and where you can give solutions to their problems.

Presenting an offer or market to a crowd that is looking for your solutions are much easier than just hoping that your marketing will have “shot one bird”, if you just shoot and don’t aim with a shotgun endlessly in the sky. It is both un-resourceful and a waste of time.

Here is a great ad combining the solution to modern society, identifying a different need of today and not the old catalog send out: “Ikeas Book Book”. I just love it!

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Carina Asp
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Customers are more educated today

If You are not on the web, you don’t exist

Keyboard, coffecupThe other day I was fortunate to start a conversation with a “small business” owner, she is a professional coach and much respected in my country. She has been working many years as a professional coach and started her business on a decision from one day to the next. Since I have many years of experience of marketing within many different industries and companies, it was only natural that we started talking about the struggles she have and had with marketing to grow her coaching business. Especially when she was to start her coaching business. Her main concern was that she needed a website. She worried about it since she didn’t know how to create it, work with it or what it should look like. She knew or really thought that she needed one, because, -“everyone has one….. and if you aren’t on the web,you do not exist.” -“People look for content and information about you as a coach or about your business there.

She was right. Of course you had to have a website, but why complicate it. I realized that she wasn’t clear about the potential a website could bring to her business. The sales cycle has changed and the customer is doing a lot of research on the web before making a purchase. They are much more educated about the product or service because it is available to them.

Our conversation continued.

I started to ask her:

  • What is the real purpose with your website?
  • What are the benefits for your business
  • What potential does your current customers have?

-“What shall I put on the website besides availability on training, courses, mentorship availability and text about the business and me as a coach?” she asked – I realised, she had missed the one most important purpose of a website – capturing leads and building relationships! -“A website, I continued, must deliver value to your visitors and give your business important insight to the visitors. It should engage visitors and be interested enough to invite your visitors to a long-term relationship with your business. Tickle their curiousity so that they do not want to shut the browser down.”

It is also important to remember, from a business point of view – your website is your company’s branding, the one place that never sleep and that is accessible 24/7 all around the world. This means, opportunities are available every hour, day and night, 365 days a year. The website should do the selling for you – and you should minimize your cold calling.

-“So, what shall I do?
Think about the following:

  • What is unique in your business? Your Unique Selling Point (USP)
  • Think about the brand “You”.
  • What would trigger your curiosity?
  • What would you be interested in knowing more about that a similar businesses don’t give away for free?
  • What can you give away free of charge so that you can tickle curiosity and deliver value?

Our conversation continued for a little while longer, but when we said good bye and she left me, she had a lot of ideas for her current website, she now knew how to improve it, and change it so that she could deliver more value to her current and potential customers and at the same save time, and most importantly, capture leads online! Her excitement was contagious. Her creativity on what her customers wants, what was unique for her business and what her customers would find valuable was really clear to her now. Now she only had to start implementing our conversation to her website. I wish her much success!

There are many sites where you easily can get help online with a website and start generating business online on the web. It is all about getting to know what your possibilities and potentials are. If you are interested in learning more about how you can escalate your business and capture leads online, you can find more information about List Building For Profit (for free) click on the link below

I hope that you were helped by this article, I would love some feedback.

All the best,

Carina Asp
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