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Validate people around you – Bring little of pieces…

Pay attention, your life is your greatest teacher.

Child on the beach Carina AspYou need to validate people and have an open mind not to judge them, you do not know their story, their luggage and why they look like they do. It is important to lift each other, and bring little light into peoples life, every day in many different ways. You always have an option to your actions and what you can do to change the world, weather it is a small or a big task.

A little while ago, I looked at Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday on TV. It had me thinking. They spoke about your soul purpose and how important it is that you feel validated and valued by other human beings. They spoke about key questions that every person want answered in a conversation and how important it is that we make sure that people do validate you and that you validate people.

So what is validation?

Validation is getting feedback from others like “what I do and what I say matters to you. You hear me. You see me. You think of me. You thank me. You acknowledge my accomplishments. You appreciate my efforts.”

To validate someone is easy when you know what people are looking for. Identify these basic questions below which answers you if you get the validation that you are looking for. They also guide you when starting a conversation if you make somebody else feeling validated. Make sure that you feel validated and that you feel that you answer these quesions to build a great foundation for a great relationship:

  • Did you hear me?
  • Did you see me?
  • Did what I said mean anything to you?
  • Do you think of me?

Pay attention – validation is important

If you are not paying attention to the other human being, the person that you are talking to is not feeling validated, and the conversation leads to nothing, and relationships are broken because these simple questions aren’t answered. Be there, in presence, when you speak to someone. Pay attention. Bring little pieces of light into peoples lives and raise your own level of consciousness to connect to peoples ideas. They feel validated and you feel validated – you both grow!

Validation can be in forms of compliments given, and most often it is much harder to receive than give . Sometimes that requires practice. It is very important to be able to give yourself validation as well. Practice if you need to. When we love ourselves we can help others. You give and you receive.

I just want to end this post with these words, I think it was Oprah Winfrey who said these words:

If you align your personality with what your soul came to do,
and everybody has it,
align your personality with your purpose
and nobody can touch you,
and you wake up everyday fired up!


All the best,
Carina Asp

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The future and the past are only happening in…

The future and the past are only happening in your head – when you think!

Sun with red sky and black silhouette CarinaaspHave you ever thought about how your thoughts affect how you are feeling? What you are thinking is deciding your state of mind. We experience situations on how we allow ourselves to think and according to the thoughts we decide to give more attention to at that very moment. Come to think about that, every person perceive headlines differently. We choose to act upon them differently and it is all originating in our head. Some people believe that we handle same situations according to different circumstances and perceptions.


Our experiences of the world are inside the head (thoughts)

Thoughts come from our inner dialogs. Inner pictures are created by thoughts. We can make our thoughts as real as concrete and all what that mean in terms of thickness, hardness and solidness. They can be as real as we experience them in real life in our thoughts. But our thoughts are the ones creating the pictures that we imagine and we might build walls that are higher, thicker and more solid around us from what they really are when we really experience the reality since it was made up in our mind and imagination.


 Let our past stay in the past and the future stay in the future

As mentioned earlier, thoughts are only pictures made up from our thoughts. Thoughts are the ones that take us back to the past and in to the future. For example we cannot change what has happened in the past, but we can let the past stay in the past if we choose to. We have the opportunity to choose our thoughts and not re-live in the past if we don’t like to. The best with the past is that it is in the past – you can only access it through your thoughts.


The future we only speculate and imagine what it will be like. We do not know what it will be like, but we are very good at thinking about it and painting a picture in our mind of how it would or could be. You can only imagine the future, and yet, it is still not the future, it is happening in your mind.


What really exists is “now” for us people.
The future do not exist, it is only the “now” that exists, one after another.


The future and the past are only happening in your head – when you think!The world is created from the inside out. It seems real but it isn’t. Thoughts are created and disappear without us doing anything about it until we give them our attention. Our focus is determines everything. What version of reality are you living in now?


“Happiness is about noticing healthy thoughts.”
Today’s blog post was inspired by Dennis Westerberg at

I wish you all the best,

Carina Asp
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How much should my marketing budget be?

Your marketing budget should be as much creative as you are

Marketing Budget, money, MarketingAsp

If you think about the marketing videos that are most successful, it isn’t the videos with the huge marketing budget. It is usually the videos that are most raw, uncut and realistic in every day life. For example, clever marketing videos are viral in social media because we recognize ourselves in it and because we can relate to the message. We, me and you are the ones that share the videos in social media and make them popular and share them in the many the different social media channels. They do not need a huge marketing budget. These clever marketers that can relate to their audience need on their level. They know what their benefits are and can target their audience raw and real.

The Dollar Shave Club

For example, the video the “ – Our Blades Are F***ing Great” only had a marketing budget around 4 000 USD for their video. Not like other big corporations that spend thousands and thousands of money from their marketing budget to create a commercial. Look at the video below to judge yourself, are they better or worse than any other video commercial? It is quite fun to know that they grew their company from practically nothing in a very short time very fast through smart marketing via social media. They knew the channels to spread their word. It is not about the money it is about how you use social media.

Know how to use different social media channels

A smart marketer is not dependent on their marketing budget, of course money always help, but a smart marketers does something unique, raw and uncut. They know how to use the different channels in social media to get their message across to their target audience so that they can relate to their product or service. A marketing budget is all up to how creative you can be, and what you dare to share in social media. Be smart and invest in your knowledge in the different channels of social media.

Remember, the marketing techniques that are taught today are from the 50´s and 60´s. Did they have social media then? We both know that they didn’t. Therefore, we may well conclude that the marketing techniques/theories from then are a bit ancient and that we need to look at new marketing techniques and look at our marketing budget in a very different way. Marketing is changing as we are changing the marketing environment. We need to know how to reach our target audience in a different way and know as much as we can about our audience.

Your target audience is all around you

Marketing of today is not about money, it is how you decide to use the many channels of Social Media. By doing your research on getting to know your target audience, you can decide on your marketing budget.

Your Marketing Budget Isn’t More Expensive Than How Creative You Are.

All the best,

Carina Asp
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Learn how my 6-year old taught me about attitude…

Listen to your children, You don’t know what they will teach you today!

We can learn so much from our kids. We just have to be aware and listen carefully to what they say.

A couple of weeks back, my daughter was to start a new school. She had not been asking to change school, it was a decision made by us, her parents. She left a small school with very few children in the class and was now facing to start a new big school with a lot of children in a new class.

I was nervous, and I was pretty sure that she was nervous too. So I tried to start a conversation with her on the way to school, to find out what she was nervous about and how she felt about starting a new school.

Me: – “So are you excited to start a new school or are you nervous about not knowing anyone?
Her: – “No Mum, I am not. You know, today, I am going to get at least 25 new friends!” She held my hand and jumped beside me…

I was stunned, and of course, I could not say much to that. AND she was right! With that attitude and way of looking at things, of course, you could not be nervous or worried about not getting new friends. With this attitude, I knew that she would get new friends very quickly. By seeing everybody as a new potential friend and having the right mindset already from start – all her nervousness was gone. I had to accept the fact that it was ME, who was nervous about not having her feeling relaxed and excited about her new school.

Yes as you probably guessed, she had new friends within the hour and she had no problem of getting social with her new classmates or teachers.

Why do we grown-ups have to complicate things?

This attitude had me thinking. Why is it that we do not have this mindset when we are faced with new situations and meeting people we don’t know anyone? I meet a lot of people that rather stay home than expose themselves to people they don’t know. Especially if they are by themselves. I think that it takes practice and a lot of courage to practice this attitude and mindset. Let the emotions be ignored and go for the possibilities.

It was kind of funny, already the next day after this incident, a friend of mine, which is a part of a network marketing company, told me that she was invited to a party at a business where she didn’t know anyone. She was very unsure if she would go since she didn’t know anyone there. Yes, you guessed right, I told her about my daughter’s attitude and mindset and told my friend, – “You choose how you are going to tackle this situation. Would you go there not knowing anyone and stay at that, or would you go there to build relationships and connect with people that might have an interest in your business in the future? Grow Your network?”. She was, like me, stunned. I don’t know what she ended up doing, but I know, that if a six-year-old can have that attitude, a grown-up can too and it is all about choice.

My daughter taught me to look at the possibilities and opportunities instead of focus on my emotions. I think that is pretty grand, don’t you?

So, go out there and find your “25 new friends” and see the potential that lies in front of your feet…

All the best,

Carina Asp
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Truthful, honest and clear communication

Very important issue to me

photo-montageI know that I am a person that is very open in my communication and I have definitely “walked on mines” and got my honest communication “blown up in my face”. But in the end I think I have grown as a person, more than I probably would have done other wise. I have also learnt that it is more beneficial for both parties to be honest, clear and constructive in your communication, both in competence, personal growth and relationships. When you are honest and communicate constructively you allow space to build trust and relationships.

How we communicate about others in social media

The other day I just watch a Facebook-post in a group that grew a discussion to an enormous proportion on just a negative post. The person was not satisfied with the outcome between people in a business relationship. I was stunned. A lot of people put comment after comment, taking side with the person that actually wrote the initial post. Many was telling the person how good that person was and how good the situation was handled with a “positive mindset” and “what goes around comes around” and so on. Nobody said, “confront the person and tell the person how you feel”. The truth is that the person (that the post was about) might not realize what he/she had done and might need a heads-up for what he/she was doing and how it is apprehended by others. Who knows, he/she might not be aware of what his/her action was affecting relationships with others.

I believe that the correct thing to do in this situation was to ask the person if you can be honest with an opinion or feeling that you have and be open up for  communication, not to go to Facebook and express his/her feelings there, spreading the negativity even further. It is not going to solve anything, it is only you, yourself, who is suffering, feeling down, not the other person who is unaware of the situation. I wonder, how would you deal with this kind of situation? Would you be honest? Would you dare to tell the truth about your feelings?

I believe that you always should try to strive towards being honest, clear and constructive in you communication – both in relationships with family as well as in business relationships. I know this is a highly personal opinion post today but I just want to lift this up and remind you that we do not read each others thoughts, it might be better to have an open communication to avoid misunderstandings. We are the world – let us make this a better place!

All the best,

Carina Asp
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