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Do you stop to think from whom you take…

I read this question. I stopped – It had me thinking… 

I believe it was Robert Kiyosaki that wrote this on Facebook not long ago. It had an effect on me!I had to take a closer look to what I do myself.

Two people out canoeing

I read this question. I stopped – It had me thinking…
I had to take a closer look to what I do myself.

  • First of all. Do I, when I do seek advise from my surroundings, friends and family, thoroughly express my dream or my goals to them? I mean, really, really explain it to make him/her understand my goals or dream?
  • Do I ever make them understand where I want to go or what I aim to do within a certain timeframe?
  • Do I tell them the benefits of my dream or goals for people around me and for people I yet don’t know?

If I really think about it – I probably do NOT.

I have not

  • told him/her about my feelings that I have when I reach my destination.
  • told them what it will be like to live my dream.
  • expressed the gratitude or my feeling of being blessed that I reached the end of my destination or the start of my new journey.
  • told him/her how many people that I will affect in a positive matter to help creating a better world.

But really – Why?

I mean, why haven’t I thought of all that before?

Why did I trust a person to give me advise on something that I didn’t even take the time to explain what my dream is or the goals I have to achieve to reach my dream? Wouldn’t that be a wise thing to do before seeking advise in the first place? I mean, make sure that they can see the whole picture so that they know how they the best possible way can support me or guide me in the correct direction to whom I should speak to instead? Wouldn’t it be wise to draw them a picture on where I want to go first? Just not take for granted that just because they are my friends or family they know me and where I want to go without further explanation?

Why question these issues?

Is it not really me who need to think about from whom I ask advise? Me, to make sure that I do speak to a person that really knows about the difficulty that I am facing. Is it so hard to seek advice from a stranger or a person that have experienced a familiar situation? Or, is it me, questioning my dream and not taking it seriously and don’t trust that I can achieve my goals and dream? Or could it be that it really is the case that just because somebody knows me that they should be able to give me good advice in any given situation? Have they got the experience that I truly seek or do they happen to be around when I just want to ease my hearts worries when things doesn’t go my way or when it is extra cloudy on the path to my dream? Really. I haven’t really thought about this until now. And YES, I do need to think about these questions. Never ever doubt myself, my dream or my goals. Of course I will reach my destination.

Think about this

When receiving advice, you should really ask yourself, is this advice for me?

  • Does the person have the knowledge and experience that is required for this situation?
  • Does the person believe that the advice given is under no circumstances the only correct advice?

My sister once said to a person whom was giving her an advice that she didn’t believe in – “I hear your advice, but I cannot guarantee that I will follow it. Thank You for expressing your advice and that you care about me.” The person who gave the advice felt very disheartened at the time since he/she thought that her advice was really good, but come to think about it, it was probably the best thing to say – “Thanks, but no thanks”, and at the same time be thankful for the fact that the other person cared about her. A very wise comment. It also got me thinking of what advise I give. Does the receiver really want the advise I voice?

Who do YOU surround yourself with? OR
Who DO you want to surround yourself with?

TelephoneWhen thinking about it, I really should be more careful from whom I ask advice. I should make sure that the person I seek advise from really have the experience and knowledge about the subject that I seek advise for. This brings me to the fact that it really is important with whom you surround yourself with and that I should make sure that I am surrounded with people that can help me grow my dream, give insight to what I want to achieve. Participate in communities and networks, think about your own workplace and how you as a person grow and develop yourself there or whatever social gathering that can help you reach your destination.

What to do?

  • ask for advise
    from people that you believe have the knowledge and experience required.
  • dare to
    ask for help, receive help and constructive criticism from people that only see actions necessary, not the emotions behind it from people that might not know you but have a wide knowledge about the subject. And, be humble.
  • be professional
    only give advise if you feel that you have the knowledge or experience required. Otherwise advice the person asking for advise to talk to someone else.
  • grow your own potential
    think about from whom you take advise for your business, family, financial situation or lifestyle. It is your choice – it is up to you! Do you want to reach your dream?

Think about from who you take or seek advise! 

Carina Asp
Your Marketing Entrepreneur at
MarketingAsp, Any Solution Possible.

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Core Values – Footsteps Taking You Closer To Your…


human-567563_1280Have you ever considered how much place your values plays an important role in your business? By knowing your values, you will give yourself the advantage and opportunity to reflect your values in your business. By communicating your values truthfully in your business to your audience, you will find that customers with the same values attracts to your business. They are interested in having contact with you and they are often happy to support your business. Here you will find some of my values.



I believe that honesty is a key component to a truthful and successful relationship/business. Honest communication cannot trick you in selling things you do not believe in, it is important for me to be able to stand for what I work with. Honesty might hurt your personality, but it gives you both an opportunity and a possibility to personal development.



Be true to yourself and the people around you gives you the opportunity to keep promises that you can keep. It guides you on your path to success and will not misguide you towards something that you don’t want or don’t believe in. You know what truth is for you.


Keep Promises

This is something that I really think is important and I will go out of my way to keep a promise that I have made. Keeping promises shows both respect for people and creates trust and credibility that what you are doing in your business is serious. It gives seriousness. It is important to deliver on time and be serious about keeping promises and not letting people down or worse, get disappointed.



It is important to me that people respect people’s values and that we stand up for one another when necessary. It is not ok to enter a personal sphere without that persons agreement. It is important to have your own space that is allowed to be personal.


Goal Oriented

To get somewhere in life I believe that you need to set goals. Goals should be achievable, measurable, motivational, reachable and creative. Goals are the drive to your success and should be re-evaluated regularly. It gives me a possibility to see that I walk towards my dream.


Responsible For My Own Actions

The only person responsible for my actions is me. I judge whether it is right or wrong based on my best knowledge and experience. No other person will force me to do something that I do not believe in. I am the one that will make my dream come true through choice and action.


Do My Best

I will always do my best. That is the most I can do for me and for people around me to be true to one self.



I am very much focused and is often described by people around me that this is one of my qualities. Keeping focused takes me to the next level of the better me and enables me to live and get closer to my dream. Focus is required to find inner peace, personal development and harmony.



Respecting one another is crucial. We do not know what other people’s experiences or how they perceive their reality as they know it. By respecting one another keeps you from being judgmental. Respect to others will teach you life and gives you experiences beyond your personal boundaries. You will develop as a human being, be a worldwide citizen and as a bonus you will learn more about the people around you.


I Believe In Good In Everyone

I truly believe in good in everyone until proven otherwise. I believe that everyone is borne “good”. How you treat others, is the way they will treat you.


Keep An Open Mind

I will always do my best to keep an open mind. This is the way you will get the furthest in life. It will teach you new things and it might even take you to the next level in mind and personal development.


What are your core values?
What do you find important in your work or every day life when doing businesses?


All the best,

Carina Asp
Your Marketing Entrepreneur at
MarketingAsp, Any Solution Possible.

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Dare To Win – Dare To Lose

A “No” May Later Become A “Yes”

Remember when people say no, they are not saying “no” to you, they are saying “no” to your offer – so be yourself. The timing might not be great at that one time. You have nothing to loose.  A “no” right at that moment, can change to a “yes” another day or even tomorrow. Building relationships and communicating with your customers and potential customers helps them find you and your offer when it is a time that is more suitable for them to make a purchase or when they actively are looking for your offer. If you don’t build relationships you might even loose future business. You want your product/offer to be remembered, but the truth is that it is often not the offer the product or offer that is remembered, it is you, and the way you have presented the product/offer. That means you are your brand. The sale is done easily when they know you, like you and trust you.

Your Brand Is – You

A guy with lots of hair and funny glassesBy being you, you communicate honesty, truthfulness and genuinely, these are qualities that almost all people are looking for when doing business. When being you, it is easy for you to keep yourself on track and knowing what is right or wrong for you and your business. You attract people that want to make business with you. People that admire and trust you are more likely to come back. Your brand is – you. That means that you attract customers. Therefore, it is important to not limit yourself or restrict your full potential. Try to see yourself the way your friends are see you. Is it any difference from how you looked at yourself from the beginning?

Fear Is Restricting You

Have you ever thought that fear is restricting you to your full potential? We need to become more of ourselves. If your customers buy your products, do you know why? Is it because of you or your offer? The optimal sell is to attract customers to your business so that you can deliver value, develop trust and build long term relationships. Regular communication with your customers, delivering value, will help you gain your customers trust and they are more likely to buy from you again. Build trust and deliver value, be yourself, no one else can do it better!

  • Give yourself credit
  • Think of yourself “I am so good, and I am valuable”
  • Pep talk yourself and genuinely help others to succeed.
  • Love yourself – you are worth it!

Did you know that there are six sources to feeling and spread love – eliminating fear affecting you and people around you. Everyday in your everyday life, you can make a difference for someone else just by:

  • actively listen to a person when they speak
  • to see a person and confirm his/her presence
  • touch one another – human contact (i.e. hugs, handshake etc)
  • give feedback and feedforward
  • Support each others dreams
  • keep promises and agreements

To succeed in business, dare to win, dare to lose. Be yourself and attract customers. Learn more about a digital lifestyle and attraction marketing, click here.

All the best,

Carina Asp
Your Marketing Entrepreneur at
MarketingAsp, Any Solution Possible.


Let us start here… about this blog

Start Growing Your Marketing Mind – Any Solution Possible.

MarketingThis blog is about helping each other grow, planting a seed to your future marketing success, with tools, tips and tricks to achieve correct marketing strategies, planning and presence for you. The blog will discuss topics about marketing and the many ways of marketing, Any Solution Possible.

I have found that there are many smaller companies or entrepreneurs, that really can develop their business through increased marketing. Therefore, I decided to start this blog.

Education is Money, Money is Knowledge.

Of course I will include a lot of different aspects of marketing and ways to do marketing. I will try to provide you as much value as I can and I hope that the below described topics can tickle your curiosity and teach you ways that you haven’t thought of, both online and offline.

Possible selection of topics include:

  • Tips and Tricks
  • Marketing Activities
  • Online Marketing
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Strategies
  • Lead Generation
  • Your Brand
  • Branding
  • Blogs
  • Marketing Topics
  • Best Practice

More about MarketingAsp

“MarketingAsp” is me, Carina Asp. “Marketing” is my profession, my education and my lifestyle. “Asp” is my surname and in my lifestyle Any Solution Possible. I believe that there is always a solution to any given problem or obstacle.

All the best,

Carina Asp
Your Marketing Entrepreneur at
MarketingAsp, Any Solution Possible.



Welcome to my blog.
I will talk about everything from marketing to personal development, dreams and own experience.
If you are interested in getting to know me, I look forward to have you read my blog and come with input.
Have a lovely day!



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