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Where Are You Going And Do You Want To…

Where are you going and do you want to get there? What is Your Mission? www.carinaasp.seWhere are you going and do you want to get there? What is Your Mission?

“Where are you going and do you want to get there?” is the title of a book that I recently read by the Swedish author Christer Olsson. The book is about personal development and this question is connected with family, business and your own personal health.

When I read this title, it got me thinking. Do we ever stop to see if we are going where we want to go in life or mission? Or, do we only follow along as life happens? Do we need a purpose and a mission in life to be happy?

I think this question is very relevant since many of us regret when we are older what we didn’t do or achieve when we had the chance. Is that what we want in the end?

Is this question important for our happiness and success in life? Do we need a purpose or a mission? Have you identified yours? Are you then measuring the steps on how you are living your mission on regular basis?

Business + Mission + Passion = Success

I believe that if you can combine your business and your mission in life I believe in success. Because if you are passionate about your mission, you become passionate about your business and your passion then becomes contagious. It is so much easier to talk and take action when you are living your mission with your purpose in life.

What do You want out of your life?

Many people do not stop to think of what they want out of life. They follow the society’s set of standards and rules and get formed and shaped according to expectations by society. Many people “wake up” too late and are missing life itself and what they thought it could be. But many people also put the victim suite on and say that others can achieve something and not themselves. Not realizing their own magnificent potential. The potential we all have within us.

How can I find my purpose or mission?

A very simple exercise is to stop and think about what you are passionate about – they are often things that get you to loose track of time – what would that be?

A lot of people don’t realize that if they do what the are passionate about, they will succeed when taking action. But that is usually where it stops. A lot of people do not take action to get to where they want to be. Yes, you could say lazy. But if you want to have a purpose in life, you need to take action, daily action.

Passion + Daily Action results in a Purposeful life.

It can be quit difficult to believe in yourself and step outside your comfort zone to start something that you are passionate about. My mentor Jay Kubassek talks about the X, Y and Z Factor and how everyone has their full potential within, they just have to bring it out, to action. Below you can find a video from Jay Kubassek that explains Successful Living.

Another place you can find inspiration from Jay Kubassek is from his #aWakeUpcall. A podcast that is for people that are ready to begin to realize a life they really want to live. Tens of of thousands of inspired and motivated entrepreneurs, business owner, and professionals tune into this podcast every week to get inspired. Find your mission and your potential with Jay, click here to learn about Jay Kubassek’s #aWakeUpcall

Success starts with You taking action to reach your mission every day!

Are you ready to begin your life mission or are you content with life as it is today?

I hope that you have got value out of this blogpost, please share your own experience in the the comment box below

All the best,
Carina Asp

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Are you a chained elephant?

Chained elephant babyAre you wearing a chain around your foot?

Elephants are taught from an early age when they are baby elephants that if they are chained to a pole they can not escape, they are stuck, can’t get away. This is something that they continue to practice even when they are grown up, not realizing their own capacity as they grow bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger. They are stuck in what they were taught from an early age and therefore you can see elephants that stay chained around a pole on only one foot.

So, back to my question, Are You a chained elephant?

Are you stuck in patterns that you were taught at an early age, maybe as a child? Are you stuck in a mindset that applied to you years ago? Are you practicing something that you don’t think twice about why you are practicing it? What I mean is, do you ever question what you are doing and why? Many people do this usually at the age of being a teenager, but some of us just accept life as it is and do not question why things are the way they are.

Let me tell you a story… a chain reaction…

There is a story about a preparation for a thanksgiving dinner that I once heard a CEO tell his employees to make them think. The story goes something like this:

A woman is preparing the thanksgiving turkey but before she put the turkey in the oven, she cuts the edges off the turkey. One of her friends asks her why she was cutting of the edges like that. The answer she received was, ”-because my mother has always done that! This is the way we prepare our thanksgiving turkey in our family.”

Of course this question continued to be in her mind and she asked her mother, why the ends always are cut off on the thanksgiving turkey. Her mother gave her the exact same answer as her daughter just gave her friend: ”-That is how we prepare our thanksgiving turkey in our family.” The mothers mother, the woman’s grandmother overheard the conversation and started laughing. The daughter and the mother are confused over the reaction. The Grandmother then answers very simply, -”I had to cut off the edges, because the turkey wouldn’t fit in the tray if I didn’t.”

I think that this story is a good story that makes you think of why you do what you do. Do we just keep going because this is the way we always have done it or do we take action and question what we do? Dare to do it differently?

Maybe we should think more about what we do and why we do it. It doesn’t always have to be the same to get the best result.

All the best,
Carina Asp

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Take radical responsibility!

Do you take radical responsibility?

“Take radical responsibility for your life!” 

Take radical responsibility!

These exact words were said by a truly inspirational man called John Jackson aka JJ at a #wakeupcall that I participated in last week. It is an understatement to say that this man is inspiring, he takes you on a personal journey in your own self even if hundreds of other people are participating and listening to the same webinar. This man, makes you think!

Last week JJ focused on the subject of taking ”radical responsibility” and he angled every bit an piece about taking responsibility. Taking responsibility for being where you are and where you want to go, what goals you have and what action you are taking to reach them. Being and becoming a leader for yourself and others.

By not taking responsibility for your own actions you always pay a price for blaming others for you not taking action. Not taking responsibility can sometimes be less painful but you spend more time in the ”knowing zone” and you will spend a lot more time in your comfort zone giving yourself a hard time to grow with achievement and knowing that you have accomplished something you thought were impossible. Do you think that you will reach your goals then? Do you think that you will grow you ambitions, achievements and relationships that way?

What we need to do is to take responsibility.

We need to spend more time in the unknown zone and feeling uncomfortable, this is the only way we grow to our full potential that we all have within us. We need to choose our own freedom.  

The benefits of taking responsibility are amazing:

  • You increase your self-esteem
  • You gain control of what happens
  • Taking actions comes natural when you are ready to take responsibility for your life.

But beware, don’t get stuck too long in thinking and analyzing everything too much, by doing that, you become proactive and don’t take any action. 

We all have a choice

Think about it, your choices have taken you to where you are now. Your choices. Nobody else’s. What if you did decide to take radical responsibility for your actions? What would your life look like then? What can you start with today that would change your life for the long term?

What in your life in the past until now have you not taken radical responsibility for?

You always have a choice to see things differently. Could you take away something that would give you time for taking actions closer to your goals? 

There is one person, Aron Ralston, that really took radical responsibility for his life, he wrote the book “127 Hours Between a Rock and a Hard Place” which he also made a film about. Aron Ralston, the mountain climber tells you about his true story when he saves himself after a fallen boulder crashes on his arm and traps him in an isolated canyon in Utah.

He really had to take radical responsibility in his life. You and I might never have to take a standpoint and make a similar decision in a situation like his. We hopefully will never have to go to that extreme. But we can change our life with our own decisions instead of pushing them forward. It is your choice and mine.

 Read Aron Ralston’s book and tell me what you think about it…

Here is a trailer if you want to look at it.

But if you prefer to read the book “127 Hours Between a Rock and a Hard Place” you can find it here.

Remember: ”Freedom is the will to be responsible to ourselves.”

All the best now and in the future,
Carina Asp

Carina Asp MarketingAsp

Attraction Marketing Marketing

Decide on your target group – then go find…

Attract your target group with Attraction Marketing

Decide on your target group - then go find themDecide on who you want to work with, then get them into your sales funnel with small or little effort. What I am talking about is Attraction Marketing through an automated online digital business system. Wouldn’t it be just great to attract the people you want to work with and then have them come looking for you without you cold calling?

Have you ever heard of Attraction Marketing?

You may have heard of attraction marketing but never really understood what this term means or how to apply it effectively to your business! Attraction marketing concept is a marketing strategy that is about delivering value so that your customers will seek you instead of what you are trying to promote. Leading yourself as an expert, a person that can help other people to achieve their goal, all online. It is a marketing technique that eliminates cold calling and constantly chase people for business. By taking the time to learn about it and by applying it to all of your marketing, you will get results while you sleep.

The Attraction Marketing Concept

So why am I saying that this is a great concept? If you think about it, where do you go and look for information? Are you looking for information from people around you that don’t know what they are talking about or are you looking for people within that specific field that you are interested in?

With attraction marketing you deliver value and engage people. You nurture relationships and evidently build trust from both sides of the parties. When the customer knows you, they will trust you and your recommendations. By becoming an authority figure and deliver value you can help your customers with what they need, you develop a relationship and eventually they will know that they will benefit from your recommendations and come back for more. They will prosper as well as you. You will attract like-minded people and end up with working with people that you want to work with. A win-win situation.

What are the benefits of attraction marketing?

Attraction marketing helps you build trust and credibility, and long-term followers, which is the basic principles if Attraction marketing!

Another thing is that it frees up your time since you do not have to do cold calling any more with long convincing talks over the phone, only people interested in you are going to contact you. How would you feel if people are phoning you instead of you phoning them? You don’t have to convince them anymore and on autopilot.

Do you know what is the best? You can apply this attraction marketing weather or not you do have a business or not. No, I am not talking about network marketing or MLM, I am talking about using what is available to you, weather it is your own current business or if it is to start a business from scratch.

Attraction marketing is used by the Six Figure Mentors Digital Business system to help online entrepreneurs to become successful. The best part is that you can use this system too.

Yes, I want to find out more about the Digital Business System

To think of when working with Attraction marketing

When working with Attraction marketing it is important to know your audience, target market or group. I have written an article about that in an earlier post (to read that click here), but below are a few tips on how to start doing your research within your field of expertise to find your target group.

Five questions to define your target market that will help you find your target market.

  1. Who are they?
  2. What do they do?
  3. Where do they hang out?
  4. What do they want?
  5. What is stopping them from getting it?

I hope that you have learnt about attraction marketing and the different ways and the benefit of working with it. Start doing your research for your target group and if you want to learn more about the Digital Business System used for Attraction Marketing please do not hesitate to contact me or click here to learn more.

All the best,
Carina Asp

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Time, procrastinate, procrastination Marketing

Are you a master of Procrastination?

Do you know why we procrastinate?

Time, procrastinate, procrastinationWhen I went to school I procrastinated all the time. I didn’t see the value in doing things right away. It was borring and I thought that if I waited it might be more fun later when I didn’t have anything else to do that was more fun. Boy, was I wrong, I sat up all night before a “hand-in” of an assignment and ruined the whole next day because I was so tired from having to be sitting up late the night before. When I come to think about it, I wasn’t really interested in the task that was lying ahead of me. It was a must, something that I had to do. And if I think about it even more, it was such an intense time in school, you had to compete with the rest of the classmates. I hated it. Sure my work varied from time to time, and I didn’t alway procrastinate.


Why do we procrastinate?

But why did I procrastinate? I knew I had to pay for it in the long run…

To find out more, I researched the subject on YouTube and I thought that you might be interested in listening to this YouTube clip by Vik Nithy that I found as well. It is all in your head. I am sure that I am not alone trying to overcome this procrastination feeling.

Why we procrastinate by Vik Nithy @ TEDxYouth@TheScotsCollege

Today I know better, today I do not procrastinate and since I am an adult, I know I have to do something when it needs to be done. What I try to do though, is to make sure that I have fun things that I “must” do. Instead of having things that are borring. I try to find things that intrigues me, that makes me interested in knowing more, something that gives me and the people around me greater value. Yes, I do procrastinate sometimes as well, but it is fewer times now than when I was young.


My five tips to stop us from procrastination

  1. Identify the tasks for the day
  2. Do what you think is at risk of being procrastinated first in your day
  3. Break the hardest or most difficult task into smaller tasks and schedule them throughout your day
  4. Set goals for the tasks that needs to be done
  5. Reward yourself when you completed a difficult or borring task

I also want to say, hold yourself accountable for your success. If you procrastinate, you are going away from your goals, not closer to them. So let me know, how do you handle it when you procrastinate?

All the best,
Carina Asp

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Dream, Success, Visualize Personal Development

Your dream can come true – just keep focus!

I am living my dream

Dream, Success, VisualizeToday I just want to share a very personal experience about a dream come true. I hope that you don’t mind that I do. Otherwise, stop reading right here!

My Dream

I have been working on a project now for over two years, a project that nobody believed that I would be able to pull off. Especially since it was new to my country AND since it wouldn’t bring me any money, I would not make an income from it. The thing is, I just knew that I had to do it. It felt right in my heart. Do you ever have that feeling? You just know that you have to do a certain thing?

When I started this project, I didn’t know how I would do it successfully, to make it real, I had to take small steps towards the end goal that I had in my head. I had to practice my patience to maximum limits and sometimes it felt like I was standing completely still. Not going anywhere. I probably weren’t either (and that was ok too at times). It was sometimes a struggle and I doubted many times myself that I would pull this off. But I also had people coming my way at the perfect time when I needed them the most. People that I needed to get this to success. People that made me believe in my idea and supported me so that I would go on. BUT, I also worked with the goal set in my heart, believing, that some day, this would be true and happening.

I worked very hard with visualizing a picture in my head that it would happen, when the time is right. Maybe not when I wanted it to happen. I worked on having that feeling, when I was standing there, successful with the end-result happening, happy as anything, smiling like crazy, having a feeling of completion and complete satisfaction. I will get back to this in a minute.

The Project

Let me tell you about the project. The whole idea with the project is to help children increase their self-esteem. Something that I think should be obvious weather you have an illness or not, and everyone, even children should be able to contribute to that if they care to. Our children are the next generation, many of us tend to forget that, and they are going to impact our world, as we know it today. We want to teach them to become compassionate, that we help one another and that we don’t just look at to do it in our backyard. We are responsible for what kind of world we live in and want kind of world we want to live in.

Ok, sorry, got off track there for a minute. The whole idea with the project is that children share something that they have, that other children don’t, and that they are willing to give that up because they want to help another child. By giving up something voluntarily to make another persons life better and easier to live, you increase your self-esteem by feeling that you can do something for somebody else.

By being able to contribute, you feel valuable at the same time as you give value, a win-win situation. By receiving something that helps you feeling well, increases your chances of accepting the hard time that you are struggling with a medical illness or just been given the possibility to feel a little normal. What the children give is their hair. What the children receive are wigs.

My project is now a success. It has formed to a charity organization and it is increasing by the day, and becoming reality. Each day, is a step closer to my goal. Each day, I thank my inner guide that I continued to listen and not give up. Every day, I feel that this is unreal.


My project gives me energy

“Ok”, you say, but you aren’t getting any money, how do you survive? Well, I do this charity work on the side and I work with multiple income streams so that I can continue to realize my dream.  Yes, it takes money from me, but mostly, it gives me back great energy! Energy, that I can’t explain, that gives me more satisfaction my in heart and soul than any money in the world can give me. I have a feeling of success, a feeling of completion and a feeling of “I told you so” (especially to those that didn’t believe in my “project” and me).


So why do I tell you all this?

Well it is because this feeling inside is fantastic; anyone should be able to experience it. Every one! You can!

Have you ever heard that inner voice in your head telling you that you need to do a certain thing; it could be all from starting your own business to climb the mountains in Nepal? You just know that one day you have to do it, that life is more to it than the 9-5 rat race. Nothing is going to stop you getting there. Have you ever had that feeling?

This feeling, for me, is hard to describe with words, but I hope that you know where I am coming from and what I am trying to say.


Visualize yourself to success

So, what I want to say with all this is, imagine yourself having that feeling of when you have succeeded with what you aimed to do and are following that inner voice in your head. Imagine your feelings, the people around you, what your senses are picking up on in forms of what you smell, hear and taste (maybe champagne). Who are you celebrating your success with? How are you celebrating it? Visualize it, that you already are there! Use your imagination as much as you can, nothing is wrong. Then use this visualization as often as you can. Daily, if possible! If you want to take it further, create a vision board that you can see every day to remind yourself of where you are aiming to go.

Reaching your goals, as I did with this “project”, the charity organization, it is a difficult task to describe how you feel. But it is just great. The charity organization that I now work for has now been in magazines, the evening press and it continues to go viral on social media and is increasing by the day. It is a wonderful feeling; I just wish every body could experience this feeling at least once in his or her lifetime.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my dream come true and how I got there. My final words are: don’t ever give up your dream, no matter what others say around you.


All the best,
Carina Asp


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Successful, blogging, content

Successful blogging according to Neil Patel

Great tips to successful blogging

successful bloggingA while ago I was listening to a podcast with Neil Patel, a blogging guru that has become really successful within his field. He was talking about action steps that lead to successful blogging and how to generate an income from it. So I thought I share that with you.

Neil Patel spoke about content in a blog and the importance of relevant and good content, that content is king and crucial for success. He meant that good content will do well in the long run and that you have to broaden your perspective and think on a longer perspective when writing content, your content should deliver long-term value.


Great action steps when blogging

He then went into the different strategies:


His first step included taking action. To take action to write really good content that people will read in 1-2 years from now and still consider it interesting. He also gave tips for what to write about. For example he mentioned that you should write about “how to” for example “how to lose weight in ten days”, or make 1-10 lists “10 steps to…”and actions steps.


Evergreen content

Create evergreen content is crucial, content that are valuable a long time. For example think of topics that aren’t a trend for example topics like yoga and meditation. These are topics that still will be interesting in a few years from now, maybe even longer.


Don’t write essays

Neil continued on talking about the length of a blog post and that it is not a lot of people that are willing to invest time in reading an “essay”. He meant that a too long post, people wouldn’t read; keep it short, to the point and easy to read.


Promote your content

Promoting your content is an important step. You need to use SEO on your pages and make sure that your URLs are clean.


Other tips where to keep simple words and use more of a conversational way to share your posts in social media. He also meant that a major difference to success is to use the words “I” and “you”. By using humor, he said, was a great way to start conversation with followers and to increase your number of followers to your blog.


Other tricks mentioned

Other tricks he also mentioned where these:

  • Comment on other blogs
  • Mention people in your blog posts (preferably other people that are blogging)
  • Network with other writers
  • Start guest blogging
  • Start to collect emails
  • Create and promote groups


He ended the interview to mention how important it is to be consistent over time. You should blog over a period of at least 6 months before you get any results, and after that it will also be a part of your daily routine.


I hope that this gives you ideas on how to start being successful with your blog or if you aren’t blogging, will start to do so.


All the best,
Carina Asp


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Motivation, inspiration, entrepreneur, karate motto Marketing

As an entrepreneur, do you find inspiration and motivation?

Find inspiration and motivation every day

Motivation, inspiration, entrepreneur, karate mottoWhen growing your entrepreneurial mind set it can be difficult to find sources to get inspiration and motivation to stay focused and goal oriented. It is often the case that you are alone in your way of thinking or unique with your idea so that others don’t get what you are trying to achieve. I know, I have been there. Therefore, I want to give you a few tips on what you can do.


What I do to get inspiration

Various sources on the web can give me all kind of inspiration and motivation. But it is important to remember that it is the people behind these sources that make the source to be great. They are sharing their knowledge and experience and helping others to grow. It is equally important to have a network and/or a community to participate in. You need the human interaction to become successful. Therefore, I will recommend you some of those as well.


Podcasts, a great and easy access to inspiration

I listen very often to podcasts, and one of the ones I follow is Entrepreneurs on Fire. This is a podcast where they chat with other entrepreneurs. You can also get ideas and tips on how to start your own podcasts. You find this podcast either on Itunes if you have a iphone or Stitcher if you have an Android. The page you can find here


Magazines to expand your knowledge

Other places I look for information, inspiration and motivation is this website which actively debate all angles from an entrepreneurial mind.

Another online magazine I can recommend for various reading is:


Community are for serious entrepreneurs

Most of all I find that it is important to reach out to people that are like-minded and are aiming to achieve the same thing as yourself and have reached success successfully. In a community it is as important to give as to get, without any disclaimers. You give and you get. Therefore, I recommend the Six Figure Mentors (SFM), that is a community full of entrepreneurs that has a mind-set of giving the world and helping each other. Helping each other to success. The SFM is a unique community for internet/online marketers, if you are curious to learn more about this community, sign up for the next webcast for free.

Register here for free!


Network, grow your network

As you already know, social media is a perfect place to network, build relationships and grow your own business network. You can learn about any topic and find groups and forums for almost anything.


Blogs give you the opportunity to follow the latest trends

I follow a lot of blogs and I thought that I share two of them with you: (which also has a podcast)


I hope that you find inspiration and motivation from these tips today and that you will prosper from reading them.


Don’t forget to register for the free webcast here.

All the best,
Carina Asp

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Marketing, channels, campaign Marketing

Various Channels For Marketing Is Important

Various Channels For Marketing Is Important

Marketing, channels, campaignAt the point when considering an advertising campaign for products you ought to think of numerous channels to get your message through to your target group. Not just the one spot where your target group will be exposed to the ad physically, for instance in a store. At a store you can show the product, you can give incredible signage, exposure and showcase it in a way that is appealing to your audience, unmistakable an awesome spot. But, begin to think outside the store as well. Consider that you are not just targeting new clients, current clients are as essential. Current customers discuss your business already, and does not need persuasion of quality and are excellent “ads” for your, they will describe your product or service to any individuals that they meet and that they feel need to know about your product or service. It is much less expensive to keep a client than to get a new. Therefore, they are as imperative as new customers. An absolute necessity to your business.


Cost effective Marketing Channels

Today we send a ton of messages. Utilize this.

Make an e-signature with the message of a campaign. Realize that many individuals that you email often, will get exposed to the message, again and again, numerous times. Some email programs additionally permit you to connect pictures in banners to websites and that is a genuine chance to get your message out. Just connect the picture to a page on your website where you additionally enlighten your audience about the campaign. There you display the product and get the customers to sign up for more information, adding your customers to a list. You do not just drive activity to your website, you also gather subscribers of individuals to your list that you KNOW are interested in your product or service and WANT to get in contact with you. It is called Attraction Marketing, your customers are coming to you, not you who need to persuade them to buy your product or service. Also, it gives you the possibility to send them more value later on.


Web banners for a campaign

Another simple approach to get current customers to know about your current campaign is to have a web banner on your site. You let them know about a offer and then they can make a choice at that moment, choose if they want to know more about the product and click to the campaign site for more information. If you want to take it further, you can advertise in a digital newsletter or newspaper with the same web banner and get exposed to even more potential customers and get traffic to your website to expose them to the campaign webpage.


Flyers or pamphlets

A more costly option is to make flyers to your present or wished customers. This is a long shot, however the fact is that you don’t know what number of customers truly are interested in your offer. You can not measure it as easily. Furthermore, the postage is excessive.

You can likewise send newsletters, however make sure to send it out in digital form to be cost efficient. Benefit of that is also that you can measure the number of individuals that have read your offer. Quantifiable objectives are constantly extraordinary to get. Keep in mind to dependably keep your newsletter clean and tidy, too much information is not fascinating.

Don’t forget you can also write press releases on new products that can help your surroundings. You can read more in my previous blogpost about how to write press releases that get published here.


Resources that you can use for your campaign

It is not that difficult to make incredible banners. I truly recommend a site called There you can choose and pick layouts, get pictures and compose incredible content for free or at almost no cost.


I wish you all luck in your campaigns and hope that you will succeed in your business.


All the best,
Carina Asp

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