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I Can’t Do That, Can I?

Can I or can I not? “Everyone is good at a lot of things, but me.” “I am only average. I could never succeed in converting an idea into a business.” How many times have you had those kinds of thoughts in your head? Or. Do you know somebody that has those very...

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Time for sale

Do you have time to sell? If you would be able to sell time - you would probably be the richest person on earth! Don't you think? Everybody lack time at some time in their life. How valuable is time to you? You know that time is the one thing that everyone has equal...

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Do you feel overwhelmed?

Do you know that when we are overwhelmed, scared or feeling unpleasant, we tend to procrastinate? It is often just too much for us to even know where to start and therefore we procrastinate and end up doing nothing instead. Then stress arrives, like a letter in the...

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Are you a chained elephant?

Are you wearing a chain around your foot? Elephants are taught from an early age when they are baby elephants that if they are chained to a pole they can not escape, they are stuck, can’t get away. This is something that they continue to practice even when they are...

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Decide on your target group – then go find them

Attract your target group with Attraction Marketing Decide on who you want to work with, then get them into your sales funnel with small or little effort. What I am talking about is Attraction Marketing through an automated online digital business system. Wouldn't it...

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