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Testimonials In Your Business

Testimonials are very good to use in your business to show credibility, proof of delivery and increase trust for your service or product. Here are some tips on what to think about when asking your customers for testimonials. Tips When Asking For...

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Social Media Is Never Private

Parenting and Social Media Today I choose to write about Social Media, a topic that I think is, or should be, of big interest for many parents. I have two children in school age, and as many other kids, they are very interested in everything about Social Media and all...

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My All Time Favourite Ad

The best ad ever Today I just want to share an ad that, in my eyes, is the best ad ever. Yesterday I wrote about video marketing, how you have to communicate a feeling that you want your viewers to get when viewing your video, have a concise message and at the same...

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Your Website is Your Real Estate

Why shall I have my business online? As a marketer, I often get this question. I have clients asking me how to use their website. – “I know I need to have a website and I have one - but what for, it doesn’t do anything. I hear all the time that I should have a website...

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Create Content that is Useful to Your Reader

Your Audience Read Useful Content What should you think of when you create content for your audience? I share great tips for researching and finding out more about your audience so that you know what content your audience is looking for and interacting with. The...

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Marketing is About Giving Value

Marketing = giving value It is time to start to think of marketing as giving value. Yes, that sound a bit odd doesn't it? You probably have heard the term “content marketing” and that content is king? I would argue that it is as well, but only when done right....

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